A breath of fresh air from Joel Osteen on homosexuality

Some pastors preach that homosexuality is the worst sin, and seemingly that gays will cause the end of civilization as

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The faith of Jimmy Carter

“The totality of my teaching presents a view of a lay person. I’m not a theologian,” he said in an

“Joel Osteen you need to repent”

Street preaching to Joel Osteen. “Turn to Jesus Christ sir, while you can. Joel Osteen, you need to repent. You

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The WKRP parody of Jerry Falwell

In the WKRP in Cincinnati episode “Clean Up Radio Everywhere”, Dr Bob Halyers, (an apparent parody of extreme conservative pastor

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The Renaissance of Jesus

A collection of 15th and 16th Century Renaissance era paintings is currently on exhibition in Canberra. I dropped in today to


John Paul II on Hell

This is interesting from JPII. “Eternal damnation”, therefore, is not attributed to God’s initiative because in his merciful love he

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Blessed Titus Brandsma – patron of Catholic bloggers

“Today is the feast day of Blessed Titus Brandsma, patron of the Guild for Catholic bloggers that bears his name,

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Michael Scott on Nepotism

“When God needed help on earth, who did he hire? His son Jesus Christ”. Michael Scott, The Office.