Yes, the quotation marks on “conservative” are on purpose! I am a conservative and one of the traits of a

Liturgy and Worship

My Journey Away from Contemporary #Worship Music

TO JOEL WATTS: “Over the years when I would occasionally hear a hymn, the language was always strikingly foreign, with Ebenezers

Religion and Politics

The #Bible and the #Constitution

I love the argument that Christians have to obey the Word of God above the Constitution of the USA. Although


Review of @ivpress’s “Problems of Christian Leadership”

“…Discouragement: The greatest occupational hazard of the believer…” As I began to read this book for the first time, preparing


@Indiana new legislation “protecting businesses”.

(Someone asked me if I can’t just be foolish on Facebook… Well, hell, NO! I will be foolish here as

Christian Education

My fellow #Americans

My Fellow Americans: After reading in a few news outlets that the students of a certain university (mush brains being


The impact of Christ’s teachings; not #Christianity

Are we any better? As we gaze at our TV screens these days and se the barbarities, as we face

Christian Education

What to say about Christian #nihilism?

This article, written by a member of the World Reformed Fellowship (I am a member) serves a full plate of food