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What is the sociological significance of the New Calvinists?

What is a sociologist of religion to make of the New Calvinism? The New Calvinists, by which I mean that


Creationism in America, and what we can know about “Most Christians”

EDIT: Peter has pointed out that I’ve wrongly assumed Dr. McGrath was referring to the United States as the population

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Resources regarding the recent study of Gay Parenting

As reported today in various news outlets: “A new study finds that adult children of parents in same-sex relationships fare


John Piper’s fuzzy logic on natural disasters

John Piper is, by all accounts, an intelligent person, so I remain mystified by the lapses in logic he displays


John Piper and Masculine Christianity: An Interactive Post for our Readers

An exercise for our readers: Read John Piper’s recent remarks about the masculine nature of Christianity. Re-read those remarks, replacing


Leave Mars Hill alone (Driscoll is fair game though)

This will probably be the last time you see me being complimentary or defensive about Mars Hill Church, but it’s

Christian Education

Indiana’s Senate Education Committee sends Creationism Legislation to Senate Vote

Ever notice how all the wrong people are put in charge of all the wrong things? Indiana’s Senate Education Committee,


God: Now in convenient chart format

Tim Challies introduces a chart detailing the attributes of God as part of his ongoing “Visual Theology” series: (click to