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Baptism, Sexuality and Covenant

I once had a United Methodist pastor tell me that he had, after much badgering and cajoling by a parishioner,


Methodists and Mission

I spent Saturday with a group of United Methodists from across my jurisdiction. The event brought together a diverse group


When you come to the Communion Table, make sure you’ve left Egypt

In God’s covenant with Israel in the Torah, he provided the people with liberation, societal structure, laws and a calendar,

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Observations on the UMC Social Principles

With all this chatter about human sexuality vs. the Social Principles in the Discipline, I thought it might be a

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The Ambiguous Purpose of the UMC Constitution

What is the end of all ecclesiastical order? Is it not to bring souls from the power of Satan to

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Science trying to do Philosophy

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I couldn’t let this one go. I spent the afternoon at the Smithsonian


Isaac Watts On the Church

“What tho’ the Gates of Hell withstood, yet must this building rise: ‘tis thy own Work, Almighty God, And wondrous


Buckets, Buckets, Buckets That Don’t Hold Water

Many United Methodists have heard the popular hermeneutical (biblical interpretation) teachings coming from one of our most prominent pastors.  In