My Spiritual Autobiography; God uses bad, bruised, and broken people…

I am forty-three years old. I am a seminary student. I am a husband, a dad, a pastor, an Army


Dialectical and Sacramental worship: The Way Worship Should Be….

In theory the worship experience in the United Methodist Church should present us with a constant exposure to both dialectical


The Paralyzing Fear Of Being Both An Evangelical And A Moderate Methodist

I make much of “aiming for the center” in my preaching and teaching. It is my desire to make much


The struggle against extremism.

I am known as “decisively moderate”. This is a very difficult hat to wear in the “bible belt”, where the


So I am uncharitable? Maybe you should grow a pair…

Catchy title huh? But it arises out of a really disappointing experience that I had recently. I am a theology

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Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

What do we think about church? Why do we exist as congregations? What are our long term plans? Do you


The Pastor: Prophet, Or Priest? Maybe a Wesleyan Model Can Help.

“I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” These words spoken by Father John Wesley have

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Thoughts from a brand new “moderate” pastor in the United Methodist Church

My journey toward becoming a pastor has been long, filled with twists and turns, and accepted with a bit of