Be blunt and ask the question.

Last night I was talking to a man after men’s group. He was sharing with me his story of the


Cyberspace pastoral care.

I have been thinking today about the global phenomena of cyberspace within the framework of Christian community. Yesterday was a


Pox on the flavour of Christianity.

Note: This is a departure from my normal genre of writing, and is in the format of a rant or


Do you really hear.

I often think about ‘hearing’ and what it means to truly hear. The following paragraph is from this post here 

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Australia is the best nation in the world.

I am an Australian. I love my nation. And I think Australia is the best nation in the world.  I


What do you pray and how do you pray?

Every Christian I know believes that prayer is important. In one way or another, we all pray. I believe that


Finding Peace

I was in a rather reflective mood last night and wrote some poetry titled Finding Peace The waves of life washing


Lessons I have learnt from ministering to the homeless.

I have been engaged for a couple of years now in ministering to the homeless. In doing so I have