Interesting post and Quote of the Day

Here. Mike says “Real Christianity is a life that is lived according to the doctrine of which our faith consists”


Interesting News – The Gabriel Stone and the Slain Messiah

From Here: The first mention of the “slain Messiah” called Mashiah ben Yosef (Messiah Son of Joseph) is in the

Church History

Unus Deus – Tertullian on the generation of the Son

Here is an interesting quote I found this morning. One has to remember that Tertullian can be credited with creation


Good discussion on preachers, scholars in the Church

Here. I like his blog and find his point here more than ‘adequate’ .


John Chrysostom on Baptism

Maybe not totally about Baptism, but it does reveal something about his thinking on baptism. This is the meaning of,


Can’t Believe this – Christianity without Christ?

Originally from here: Here There is a Bible on a pedestal in Gretta Vosper’s West Hill United Church in Toronto.

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – Easy Beliefism (4/27)

It took 300 years to fully develop the doctrine of the Trinity, some 1500 years to end the need for


Theophilus and Bible Translation – Should names/titles be translated?

First, allow me to state that I am new to Bible Translation, having only worked in this area for some