Accordance Bible

@AccordanceBible gets Orthodoxy… Review of the Popular Patristics Module (and Desert Fathers)

Accordance already has the Orthodox Study Bible, but with this latest addition, Orthodox readers will find more in Accordance for

Accordance Bible

Review: @AccordanceBible’s Continental Commentary

Thanks to Accordance for this review copy! You can find the release information <—. This series consists of 19 volumes

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Why I’m voting for @WalshFreedom STILL

 In the state of Colorado, you must tell the Sect. of State that you are no longer running in

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The Church and War – 1897, Anglican letter

Encyclical Letter, Lambeth Conference, 1897. There is nothing which more tends to promote general employment and consequently genuine comfort among

Religion and Politics

What does the New Year hold for Evangelicals?

I’ve been busy starting a private practice, but I’ve kept up with the news. Recently, Mark Galli posted a well-argued


Einstein on the mystery

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle

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If only piper was Wesleyan

Then he’d know salvation and be a lot nicer


Thanks to Keith for this review of “Jesus as Divine Suicide”

One of a few books worth buying for the Introduction alone: Everything else is wonderful bonus. The title would have