Attention Biblical Scholars – Call for Papers for SBL Newletters

The SBL is going to start their bi-monthly newsletter again, aimed at high school teachers and students in elective classes regarding religion/bible. And, I am going to serve as a volunteer. So, I need your help:

I need some authors to write some short essays on a high school level for the following subjects:

  1. The Why and the How in Studying the Bible – Authors will examine the distinctions between studying the bible in religious and non-religious contexts and present an argument for the value of academic/humanistic study of the biblical text (and contexts). Articles may offer guidance on how best to do this and share classroom experiences.
  2. Archeology and the Bible  – Authors will give an overview of how archeology informs our study of the Bible (avoiding minimalism vs. maximalism). It might include literary archeology, such as studying Josephus to discover some of the history behind the New Testament, but will focus on the wider concept of “biblical archeology.” ­
  3. Digital humanities, information fluency, and Biblical Studies – Authors will focus on the use of Bible Software in Studying the Bible. (Bibleworks, Logos, Accordance and E-Sword (mostly free) will be mentioned.) These programs include many free modules. Bibleworks and E-sword encourages user-made modules. Further, Logos is developing community notes and discussions that aid in discussion— like social networking, but for Biblical studies. Will also feature projects under the concept of Digital Humanities that are archiving papers, studies, books, maps and images, and will point teachers towards existing useful online resources and databases.
  4. Bible Translations – Authors will focus on the thinking behind bible translations and offer examples of different ones to use. One author might focus on the history of the English bible along with the English bible in the United States. Activities may include comparing bible translations on a particular passage and discussing which the faults and merits of each.
  5. Understanding the You in Biblical studies (context, hermeneutics) – Authors will focus on introducing the study of reception, context, and hermeneutics with a possible inclusion of an (non-controversial) example.
  6. (Tentatively) Reading Isaiah as You -Authors will examine Isaiah 52-53 in their hermeneutic, with the narrative as center with the hopes of including above mentioned topics.

I am looking for volunteers AND not essays at the time. Students are encouraged to write as well.

So, you can email me (if you have it, or if you are an SBL member, look me up at on the site (Joel Watts). OR, you can leave a comment here and I will email you.

Also, you can tweet me: @ejoelwatts

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5 Replies to “Attention Biblical Scholars – Call for Papers for SBL Newletters”

  1. “Reading Isaiah as You” sounds a lot of fun. Only a few months ago I was making copious notes on that passage whilst cursing under my breath at whoever thought it was a good idea to include that on my Church’s pre-selection/vocation course. And the translations one is one that has scope to run and run and run. I’m not an SBL member, but I’d be more than happy to contribute something.

  2. I’m a graduate student in theology and a high school teacher of Bible. Would be willing to help out.

    1. thanks all. could you each email me your preferred topic from the above?

      Also, include either your current teaching institution of something of an educational level

      email to: e joel watts (at) gmail (dot) com

      no spaces, of course.

  3. I would be delighted to work with you on this project. I teach Reading the Bible as Literature and could easily provide you with several articles.

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