Around the twist with Ken Ham – The art of conflation

I know there’s something of a tradition on this blog in highlighting the, erm, ‘teachings’ of Ken Ham, and I will periodically continue this great tradition with my ongoing series entitled: Around the twist with Ken Ham.

Today we discover how rejecting AIG’s creation narrative inexorably leads to gay marriage and abortion:

AiG’s Creation Museum is being challenged once again by the secularists, this time in the renowned magazine Scientific American. A guest columnist reports he visited the museum recently. Jacob Tanenbaum, a fourth and fifth grade science teacher, wrote the column titled “A Science Teacher Draws the Line at Creation.” The piece was originally published in the January 2013 print edition of Scientific American under the title “Creation, Evolution and Indisputable Facts.”

The fact that the well-known Scientific American has published this commentary is significant. To us it means the editors understand the importance of this battle over origins. In reality, it is a struggle over the question of authority. Who is the ultimate authority—man or God? Whatever authority you acknowledge will determine how you view moral issues such as “gay” marriage and abortion. If God is the authority (and He is), then marriage is one man and one woman, and abortion is a crime against God. If man is the authority, then marriage can be however one wants to define it—and abortion is just another way to kill an animal.

Did you spot that slight of hand.

According to Mr Ham to accept evolution is to reject the authority of God leading to immorality such as abortion and gay marriage.

And that, dear reader, is a classic example in the art of conflation.

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