Arminianism Explained

Jeff, the Scripture Zealot, brings us an interesting piece this week, concerning Calvinism and Arminianism.

I am a corporate Calvinist – believing that the Church is preordained as well as major events in world history – but all preordained after the Fall. I am a believer in the individual free will, however, feeling that there is no pressure either way to accept or deny the grace of God by Christ. I am, however, as I grow older, coming to understand and accept the sovereignty of God in ways that I did not expect. I am still exploring this side of my ethos, pathos and logos while attempting to arrive at an understanding of just what level does God’s sovereignty play in our minute lives, but no matter, I have grown close to excepting things and not wasting time dwelling on them.

As I stand now, I understand the essential doctrine of free will as understanding what Christ has done on the cross, along with the connections that it has to other doctrine, of which I would like to explore some time later. I will, say, however, that you might enjoy what Jeff as to say:

Arminianism Explained | Scripture Zealot.

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