Are We All Really Atheists?

Can some people damn themselves, and others redeem themselves by accepting Christ? If this were so, God’s decisions would be dependent upon the will of human beings. God would become the auxiliary who executes the wishes of people who decide their fate for themselves. If I can damn myself, I am my own God and judge. Taken to a logical conclusion, this is atheistic. – Moltmann (The Coming of God)

Here, Moltmann is taken to point to a type of universalism, but so too can we see the other end in Calvinism.

What say ye?

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8 Replies to “Are We All Really Atheists?”

    1. Some would say that universalism is the answer to Moltmann’s statement, but what if God has preordained our choice to serve Him?

  1. I like Moltmann and his work, but some of his quotes just boggle my mind. I do not agree with his universalism, or his insistence of being a liberal/liberationist reformed theologian. But I would recommend any of his books for any student in theology.

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