Are we a prudish lot? F word

English: "No Swearing" sign along At...
English: “No Swearing” sign along Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this is coming up because of a discussion on an unofficial private group

Yes… The Hebrew bible.. And the Greek bible uses obscene phrases and words.

My question is… Are we missing the rather earthy language of the testimony to God’s revelation when we glide over these things?

Does it bother you that Paul’s “dung” may in fact be closer to our “s-word?”

And just because…

For me, I’ll stick to the Queen’s English…most times.

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One Reply to “Are we a prudish lot? F word”

  1. To appreciate the full context of this question, it is necessary to come to grips with the religious zealots responsible for creating that disaster known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

    As defenders of the old ways — much of it de facto feudalism — they believed anyone associated with London was either corrupt or immoral. Unable to change the Church of England, much less the Crown, they migrated to America.

    Despite making a disaster of their first attempt establish a theocracy in the New World, their insidious influence still permeates American life today. In particular, it permeates the South.

    Among other things, their preoccupation with sex goes a long way toward explaining why the United States can have blood and gore spilled by the bushel basket-full on television and in the movies, but ban mothers from breast feeding in public.

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