Anthony Le Donne – Jesus and Bill Clinton

I’m sure it happens all the time, but… no, wait, it does not. However, when it does, it is pretty darn cool.


You have to the post here:

The Jesus Blog: The Five Most Common Fallacies about the Life of Jesus—Le Donne.

The primary way to keep away from these fallacies is to refuse to read the Gospels like you would a book from David Mccullough. And don’t let it tempt you to read Matthew, Luke, and John like you would Stephen Ambrose.

Instead, read them like this.

(P.S…. I’ve avoided, and I am very happy I’ve done this because it has taken a lot of intestinal fortitude to let this one go by… but I’ve avoid the mention of Jesus and the Prostitutes and Clinton and the Prostitutes comparison. I don’t even want to mention it)

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