Resources and Answer Key for Learning German Quickly – First Google+ Hangout 14 June

Thanks to the person who sent me this.

Some of us, several of us, are planning a weekly get together to go through this book together and attempt to learn German together.

learning german quickly
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Answer Key for German Quickly. (warning – pdf)

Also, throwing some time and dates around. I’m thinking that we start next week. Ideally, it would be 14 June, about 7pm Eastern. I’m up for looking at other times.

To connect, you will need a Google+ hangout. You can reach me here. We’ll do a hangout. That way, we can test each other, learn from each other, and hold each other somewhat accountable.

Again, I’m pretty open to meeting in various groups at various times on various days. I don’t sleep much, so….

Also, you can go here and get lots of free kindle books in German. Here is a German Bible for the cheap for Kindle. In most if not all bible software programs, you will be able to attain a free German bible. Here are some flashcard sets (free) for German.  This, I believe, the preferred book for learning Theological German, which will happen somewhat later.

These are some vocabulary lists (this one is a pdf).

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5 Replies to “Resources and Answer Key for Learning German Quickly – First Google+ Hangout 14 June”

  1. If I may suggest another book that is an absolute must.
    “Scheisse! The Real German You Were Never Taught in School”
    You’ll see that “Scheiss” is not considered vulgar, and people use it freely in normal conversation. While “Scheiss” is not in Luther’s Bibel, I still find the Luther translation VERY difficult to read and I’ve been speaking German for 40 something years. I usually like the Elberfelder translation, which uses modern Hochdeutsch.

  2. Oh, and in case you don’t believe me about language learning methods, we polyglots tend to seek each other out, and one man I highly respect is LaoShu in Ohio. He taught me to write my shopping list in the language I’m learning. He says it forces you to be in a “do or die” train of thought. If you don’t understand what you wrote, you ain’t gettin’ it!
    Here’s LaoShu speaking almost perfect Navajo, a language I tried to learn for my dissertation

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