Ansar Dine Islamist militia rampaging against archaeological treasures in Timbuktu

Armed with hammers, pickaxes, and loaded guns, Islamist extremists are tearing down Timbuktu’s ancient shrines, endangering rare texts on science and mathematics.

Documents housed in the shrines include writings about astronomy, the health effects of tobacco, and 3,000-year-old medicine, according to the New Scientist. They are part of Timbuktu’s “matchless collection” of about 300,000 historical Islamic texts, some dating back to the 13th century.


Some of the manuscripts may be from the Islamic world’s “Golden Age” of science (750 AD to 1250 AD). “Muslims gave us Arabic numerals, algebra, algorithms, and alchemy; they gave us our names of most of the stars visible to the eye,” said Skeptoid podcast host Brian Dunning on recent episode. “Arab-Islamic doctors furthered the art of surgery, built hospitals, developed pharmacology. … hey advanced art and architecture beyond what even the mighty Greeks and Romans had begun.”

via Ansar Dine Islamist militia threatens to destroy rare science and math texts in Timbuktu.

Burns my hide…

But honestly, how many of you think that Ken Ham would do the same thing if he could?

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