Another story of Evolving Faith

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Several of us lately have posted on our changing theological views. Padre Steve is not exactly in the circle of bibliobloggers and the such, but he has a story to tell which I hope you read. This part caught me specifically:

My recovery of faith came unexpectedly much like how it happens to the characters in the Bishop Blackie mysteries. It came in the middle of giving the last rites to a patient in our Emergency Department at Portsmouth. The man a physician was a veritable saint whose life and faith had touched his community for over 50 years. As I prayed the commendation prayers at the close of the rite following the anointing he breathed his last and it was almost if the cloud of unbelief melted away and the realization that God indeed was a God of love and that Jesus was actually to quote the Gospel exactly what his opponents called him “a friend of sinners.” In that moment it was if I had been reborn.

via The Evolving Faith of a Miscreant Priest | Padresteve’s World…Musings of a Passionate Moderate.

I like the fact that people aren’t afraid to admit that they are changing – but more importantly, that they change and become, in many ways, closer to God than before. I know it is difficult for ‘conservative Christians’ (I am about done with labels, but more on that later) to understand ‘liberal Christians’ who have come from the conservative side but in their liberality come to know God in a much more clearer, graceful way. As I have written several times, I used to be a YEC’er and a KJV’er and very much an exclusivist. An inerrantist. Anti-creedal. Etc…

But, as I dug further into Scripture, my relationship with God has changed, has grown, and become more, well, Christian. I have grown closer to Scripture and have a more surer faith in the God of them. Maybe that’s why I laugh when others deride my faith as a ‘slippery slope’ or other derogatives such as ‘anti-bible’ or ‘bible-doubting’ and the such. I have come to realize just who are the ones who are ‘anti-bible’ and the such. Thank God that I am everything and nothing that they say, and that my faith is more secure, more real than ever before, and that I realize just all fallible humanity is, and the more so when we try to tell God’s story.

But, I digress. Read Fr. Steve’s story.

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  1. The slippery slope argument is one of control and manipulation based on fear… I am glad to have been on the slippery slope…sliding away from judgementalism, self righteousness morality, into the loving hands of he who was lifted up higher for the lowest of low….

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