Another Reason to Like Tyndale Publishers – Tori Farquhar

Yes, I know – another Tyndale post… But still, when you think about, what are the charges against bible publishers? Greedy. Only about the money. Giant, faceless corporations, bent on world domination (okay, so I’ll give you that one, Zondervan, since you are owned by Rupert M.),. But bible publishing companies like Tyndale (which several of their employees on Twitter) and Thomas Nelson (whose CEO, Michael Hyatt blogs and tweets interactively as well) have really created a public face in which their employees act as goodwill ambassadors in which they interact with us. With grants, support of missions, and friendly employees, etc… it makes one proud to support such companies.

The newly engaged Adam Sabados has interviewed one of the employees at Tyndale who is looking forward to the mission field herself,

I recently sat down with Tori Farquhar, one of Tyndale’s customer service representatives for an interview (well, actually I emailed her a list of questions, and she emailed them back). Tori does general customer service, as well as author and national accounts customer service. Her and her husband Tom recently finished a two-year program at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI.

You should read the rest of the interview here.

Don’t forget, Tyndale provides money with each NLT purchase for bible translations, etc… Go, buy an NLT.

I am glad that the Tyndale team is taking their show on the road so to speak. While several of the employees are active on Twitter and even on Facebook, their blog had suffered for a while. But, recently, they started to commit to reforming it for a better use. Well done!

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  1. Biblica, who owns the NIV, also give money from each sale of the NIV to Bible translation (they are in fact the bible society). zondervan only own the distribution rights (thank goodness).

    Tyndale do a great job as well. I am glad they are out there. I am still looking forward to my review of the NLT Study Bible. I just wish the translation wasn’t so loose…

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