cross-flameI mean as a whole. Individually, some — a few — are admirable and should we split, I would want to join their denomination.

In the latest announcement on the Commission on “A Way Forward,” what the Laity see is not an equal representation, but rather, a stacking of the deck. Less than 1/3 of the members are to be laity. There will be 8 bishops and 13 non-episcopal elders. That is 21 clergy and 8 laity.

That is hardly the makeup of General Conference… and hardly the makeup of who finances this operation.

You know… the finances that include the 145000K a year for Bishops’ salaries.

Also, let’s not forget that there are 3 moderates — THREE MORE BISHOPS.

The UMC’s news service picked up the story and there is a link to the petition. I signed.

I noticed that the episcopal office holder of the Dakotas-Minnesota annual conference, as he has in other areas, said a lot, but much of it doesn’t ring true.

For instance, he comments “the nominating process is in the early stages.” Early stages? Previous reports indicate there are two stages left — and this a month or two late. The nominees have to agree and the COB has to vote on the final list.

He also attempts to guilt the concerned with a few other gaslights.

Honestly… Ough is the one who accused the WCA of schism… and the one who let Sprague off the hook… not saying there is a connection…

Look… we have trust issues in the UMC.

Those trust issues begin and end with the Council of Bishops.

Perhaps the Laity should do a few things:

  • withhold money from the episcopal fund
  • set up their own commission

This is our denomination.