Another problem with the American Democratic Experiment

Voting Blocs.

As Fox News is reporting:

Florida voting blocs nearly as numerous as Sunshine State’s media markets

Goes something like this: Old, young, older, not that old, military, Jewish, Cuban, and more and more and more…

More and more until we are so divided that it is impossible to please every group of voters. We all want something for our bloc, and not for the Country as a whole.


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8 Replies to “Another problem with the American Democratic Experiment”

  1. Absolutely correct! It seems no one wants what is good for the country as a whole. The claims are “for the good of America (but only as I see it.)” I don’t know what it will take to bring us toether to work for the whole.

  2. I don’t think diversity is the problem at all. It is mostly as pointed out the ethics of me first and everyone else for themselves. Even with a minimum of blocks (age for instance) this would still be a problem. A multitude of blocks may even reduce the effectiveness of the block vote. It might be easier to control the population with fewer blocks. I think early American history would support this idea. Block voting is nothing new.

    1. I’m not against the diversity, just the seemingly smaller and smaller selfish groups who want special considerations for themselves at the expense of the rest of the country

  3. It’s just a matter of everyone wanting a bigger slice of the collective pie but I still think that a few major greedy blocks is easier for the political powerful to control to their advantage. There is nothing new about greed Just take a close look at the various countries where 2 to4 major blocks have led to powerful dictatorships.

    1. True and I don’t disagree. The tyranny of the majority and the minority must be prevented against, but wouldn’t it be better if the voting bloc was about the country as a whole?

  4. Better; yes, but I expect that the vast majority of voters will believe their vote is best for the country. Who gets to decide which voter is right and which is wrong and how do you transmit this message. We may not like the results.

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