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Drawn to a life of prayer from an early age, Anne Catherine Emmerich longed to be part of a convent, but she was repeatedly rejected because of her inability to provide a dowry. Persisting in the pursuit of her faith, she was finally allowed to take religious vows in at the convent of Agnetenberg in Dülmen at age 28. Her time as an Augustinian nun proved to fit her well, and she latched onto the disciplines of the faith. Prone to ill health, spiritual ecstasies, and stigmata, Emmerich was bedridden for a good part of her later life, but reported to have a supernatural awareness of the illnesses of others and the ability to prescribe cures. Her incredible devotion to and zeal for God earned Emmerich beatification in 2004, and the records of her visions and revelations continue to encourage and enlighten believers.

via Anne Catherine Emmerich Collection (3 vols.) – Logos Bible Software.

Clemens Brentano, a poet, is the original transcriber. Anyway, this is one of many I’m looking forward to from the Catholic side of Logos. Some say it’s the best side…

If I am not mistaken, the rumor says her visions helped develop some of the story of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

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