Anglicans Commit to Re-Evaluating How They Interpret Scripture

The Anglican Consultative Council expressed support on Saturday for a project that will explore the ways Anglicans worldwide read and interpret Scripture.

About time, don’t you think?

The Bible in the Life of the Church project is being launched to build “understanding, trust and respect” among those who differ in biblical interpretations.

Formerly, the Anglican Communion had been called on in 2004 to “re-evaluate the ways in which we have read, heard, studied and digested scripture.” The request, however, was largely neglected.

“We can no longer be content to drop random texts into arguments, imagining that the point is thereby proved, or indeed to sweep away sections of the New Testament as irrelevant to today’s world, imagining that problems are thereby solved,” a provision in the 2004 Windsor Report states. “We need mature study, wise and prayerful discussion, and a joint commitment to hearing and obeying God as he speaks in scripture, to discovering more of the Jesus Christ to whom all authority is committed, and to being open to the fresh wind of the Spirit who inspired scripture in the first place.

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2 Replies to “Anglicans Commit to Re-Evaluating How They Interpret Scripture”

  1. I pray they come to agree the Bible is the word of God and should be interpreted with a historical, cultural, contextual, and grammatical hermeneutic. And that it should be obeyed. but i dont have high hopes.

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