Anglicans and Lutherans are flooding the Tiber

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It isn’t just the Anglicans who are swimming the Tiber, but so too the Lutherans

What first began with prominent Lutherans, such as Richard John Neuhaus (1990) and Robert Wilken (1994), coming into the Catholic Church, has become more of a landslide that could culminate in a larger body of Lutherans coming into the collectively.

In 2000, former Canadian Lutheran Bishop Joseph Jacobson came into the Church.


Over the past several years, an increasing number of Lutheran theologians have joined the Church’s ranks, some of whom now teach at Catholic colleges and universities. They include, but are not limited to: Paul Quist (2005), Richard Ballard (2006), Paul Abbe (2006), Thomas McMichael, Mickey Mattox, David Fagerberg, Bruce Marshall, Reinhard Hutter, Philip Max Johnson, and most recently, Dr. Michael Root (2010).

(of course, the story was written by Batman’s sidekick…)

On the news of that, comes the fact that more and more Anglicans are joining Rome, fleeing what many consider to be a dying Church, led by Rowan Williams,

About 900 members of the Church of England have taken the first step toward becoming Catholics, the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales said Tuesday.

The converts participated in a Rite of Election, the first step toward confirmation, over the weekend, the church said.

They will be joining the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, established by Pope Benedict XVI to receive Anglicans who increasingly have felt isolated since the Church of England decided in 1992 to ordain women as priests.

Tensions have grown as the governing General Synod moves to allow women to become bishops while denying any specific protection for traditionalists. Converts joining the ordinariate will be allowed to keep some Anglican liturgy and traditions.

Whenever they get Tom Wright, let me know.

Growing up, we were always taught that the sign of the End Times was the rejoining of the Protestants to Rome. Of course, what they didn’t understand is the downward slide, as seen by many, of the Protestant denominations into loose theology, to no theology, and the draw of more hardline teaching as espoused by Rome. Not only that, the renewal of Rome from within, on such issues as Justification, and the such, among other things. They also didn’t understand the role in which post-modernism plays into it all. When you come to realize that your denomination (doesn’t apply to Lutherans or the Anglicans) isn’t really more than 40 or 50 years old, well, it sorta plays into your mind set.

Anyway, late night thoughts to annoy Jeremy.

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8 Replies to “Anglicans and Lutherans are flooding the Tiber”

  1. Funny story…I know Michael Root. I studied Ecumenical Theology under him and he was the dean at LTSS while I was there.

    Also, they might be getting one more Lutheran here….maybe…slight maybe…depends on the wife….

  2. So 900 Anglicans have gone over to Rome. Out of how many? Hardly a flood…

    Anyone who has had any experience of the Church of England knows that there has always been a certain element who are very high church. Many of them have been more Catholic than the Catholics. The vast majority of Anglicans are much more middle-of-the-road. Very English. Won’t do silly things like going off to Rome. And won’t worry too much about minor things like a bishop in a dress. I mean, they ALL wear dresses, don’t they…?

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