An Anglican Reflection on the Loss of the Nicene Creed at #UMCGC

It has been reported that during the committee session on the Creed, there was a lot of misinformation delivered. That’s fine. I have four more years. But in the meantime, here is an excellent article written on the recent petition submitted to officially include the Nicene Creed in our doctrinal standards.

Many seek a world with real, authoritative symbols, able to engage and disagree with one another, and thereby to command real admiration, self-sacrifice, and love. In such a climate, churches on the fringe of flickering away into non-relevance might well consider again whether the old Nicene Symbol might be a banner worth lifting high. (read the rest here)

His entire article is well worth the read, and remembrance four years hence, so that we may better understand the value and importance of the ecumenical symbol.


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