Anders Behring Breivik Speaks

Well… through his attorney:

“He has said that he believed the actions were atrocious, but that in his head they were necessary,” defense lawyer Geir Lippestad told TV2 news.

And on the ‘Christian fundamentalist bit…’

Deputy police chief Roger Andresen declined to comment on the possible motive for the killings, but said: “We have no more information than … what has been found on (his) own websites, which is that is goes toward the right (wing) and that it is, so to speak, Christian fundamentalist.”(here)

Roger’s a nice lad and all, but from what I’ve seen, Breivik was a cultural Christian and was only one to defeat the threat he saw in Islam. There hasn’t been, as far as I’ve seen, any writings produced to show that he believed in Christian fundamentalist, or even Evangelical Christian, even of the European variety.

I have to wonder though… if he will be judged by his own words:

ALL hate ideologies should be treated equally.

I suspect that his ‘Christianity’ is nothing more than what we would see in The Church of Jesus Christ – Ayran, if that. Most of his writings are cultural if anything, but Christian…

But, it does put us in a unique position, doesn’t it…

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19 Replies to “Anders Behring Breivik Speaks”

  1. I suspect he is mentally disturbed. No matter what his apparent beliefs are, there is no moral justification for what he did.

    1. Gez, there no moral justification… but what worries me, is that in reading his stuff, I don’t know if I can detect mental disturbance, but instead…. calculation.

  2. We too easily dismiss people as mentally disturbed. Like Joel said, he was very calculating, and obviously angered at the Socialism in Europe more than anything, and the huge amount of Muslims in Norway. (They run the Norwegian hiphop industry) He can’t take it out on his government, (socialism is very strict about complaing and other such things), so he took it out on a visible result of Socialism.

  3. Jesus was a socialist, I think. True and pure equal sharing.

    I don’t want to think/accept that that guy had some valid reason.

    He knew exactly what he wanted to do, planned it, did it and suceeded. Therefore he must be sane. Yeah, right!

    1. Gez,

      This is the way I see it. I may be wrong of course. The fact is, is that the man was involved in politics and spent 9 years on his manifesto which is clear, sourced, and well-written. (I’m not saying I agree with him). I wouldn’t call him insane, which is worrisome. He is viewing the world differently but the problem is, at least for now, is that he is only acting out what others are saying. It’s a pretty scary thing….

      Oh, I don’t think he had a valid reason, but validity of reason doesn’t measure sanity.

  4. I couldn’t find a copy of his Maifesto in Norwegian. Do you have a link? Jesus wasn’t Socialist. Socialism briefly is redistribution of wealth with one ruler at the top. Non ownership of property, etc. Jesus never spoke against ownership of property. Many believe he spoke for it. But he has MUCH socialism in wheat he says, but remember Jesus spoke of it being voluntary, not enforced by a government…big difference. Karl Marx believed in doing it without God. The government is your God. You depend on the government for your needs, not your fellow believers.

    1. That’s actually not socialism either. Jesus never spoke for private ownership – which is not really a biblical concept.

      I don’t know if he wrote it in Norwegian, as it is signed by an Anglicization of his name.

      1. While this isn’t the place to have this discussion, privatye owner ship is biblical. It’s more of an OT concept but it is biblical. The Jubilee laws of Leviticus 25 insured a family that it would always have land so that dominion could be exercised. Property could not be taxed. Even the father could not dispossess his family from the land because of carelessness, poor stewardship, or debt. Fathers were instructed to lay up an inheritance for their children so that the work of dominion under God could continue. In Socialism the state own the property.Jesus speaks about voluntary sharing, not as a direct command. Inf no one owns anything, then neither should the government.

        1. First, this is a good place because this person, like others, had a bad idea of socialism and marxism as well…

          If God could tell you what to do with His earth, and His things, and give you Laws about ‘your’ things, then it is not private ownership. The fact is, is that everything was seen as God’s and we were stewards. Socialism is not about the denial of private property but about the Government owning the means of production which affords a more equal opportunity for the entire society to advance.

          Further, the way you speak about Christ’s words is that they were a suggestion – far from it.

  5. After reading 100 pages and the Norwegian news, he NEVER claimed to be a Christian. He claimed himself as a “Darwinist”. So of course he has no value for human life. Socialism that is mandated by the government is not Biblical. I don’t trust my government now, nor should you. In fact, the “biblical” government is a monarchy, run by Christ himself. The socialism where I’m forced to take money from my paycheck to “help” others while the government’s pockets get bigger does not seem like the Lord’s way,

    1. Actually, on his facebook page he claimed to be a Christian. Further, he advocated a cultural Christianity which he claimed for himself.

      And yes, ‘Darwinists’ do have a value on human life.

      None of the modern governments can actually be said to be ‘biblical’.

      It must be of God – Romans 13, and all.

  6. Is that a hint of sarcasm? 😉 A “government” can not be Christian due to it not even being human. Each person is judged individually within any government. There could have been God fearing believers within Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge (like the paper pushers for example 🙂 )

  7. True, but freedom is one thing that a good government can offer. Freedom to express, freedom to own, freedom to show the love of Christ. It’s hard to show the love of Christ when the gov’t is sort of doing it for you.

  8. You’re absolutely right, but a gov’t that acknowledges those God given rights is good. I’m Austrian, and I am very familiar with Socialism (but I came here when I was 5 but I go back quite often). Most people in Europe hate it, or just deal with it, but most Europeans complain about the foreigners, etc, because each nation prided itself in it’s own people. That’s not a problem for most American’s though. We’ve been a melting pot since time eternal. But with abortion thru the roof, and immigration gone wild, the birth rate of most European nationals is 0%! Plus socialism is Godless. If you belong to a denomination that is not a state religion, it’s not even recognized. Your taxes only go to one of the recognized religions (in Austria that’s Roman Catholicism at 65%, Lutheran at 4% and Muslim at 6%.)

  9. Correction..not necessarily immigrants, but a lot of tax payers paying high taxes to pay for all the handouts socialism offers. Also things like mandatory military enlistment, and the other million things my cousins and aunts and uncles complain about.

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