Anders Behring Breivik has accomplices; Bruce Bawer Self-Analyzes

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The good news is that the hearing was closed and contact is shut-off, except for his attorney. Stories are all over the net at this moment about the accomplices in Britain and Poland, although Poland is denying an arrest at this moment. Supposedly, he has at least two more ‘cells’, however…

Norwegian police are investigating claims by Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out Friday’s twin attacks in Norway, that he has “two more cells” working with him.

Mr Breivik made the claim as he attended his first court hearing following the bombing in Oslo and a massacre on an island youth camp that killed at least 93 people in total.

Mr Breivik said his attacks were a “shock signal” to Norway’s people. (here)

Also, Bruce Bawer, who is quoted some 22 times in Breivik’s manifesto, analyzes himself and his writings in light of Oslo. The Wall Street editorialist is also the author of the book “]].” I have to agree with Bawer when he writes that Breivik is highly intelligent and very well read in European history and the history of modern ideas. In speaking with Rodney over the weekend, who is reading the manifesto and deconstructing it, the appearance of insanity is only in the man’s actions, but it may just be an appearance. After all, I would counter, if the man wants to start a war (immoral doesn’t equal insanity) and is convinced that he is not acting alone, and thus being encouraged, he may see this as a first of many incidents leading to what he wants, as he states in his book. Further, as Bawer goes on to note, the incidents were meant to not just make a statement, but to destroy the next generation of leaders of Norway’s left. He goes on, not to denounce his ideas or to modify them, but to recast them as now the victim. They are hurt by Breivik’s actions – who understood completely Bawer’s call to action, although for Bawer, misunderstood the action being called for.

My concern is for the revitalization of Christianity on the European continent, like we see it spreading in The Third World. The Pope has made it a point of his to see Europe become Christian once again, as has others, Protestants, but with the image of ‘Christian’ being applied to the madman so easily, even if that is but a mere image without any theology or other foundation Christian by so far from it, the fact remains that action mission work, and not as a cultural identity, is hurt due to the phobias of the man.

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      1. I agree that Norton is “about to go away on holiday”. Otherwise those aren’t Norton’s words, they are Breivik’s! But see my comment: a lot of people would agree.

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