And the winner is….

A few had expressed some interest in where it was that my family and I would settle into church after leaving the United Methodist Church. After some time of prayer and research, the winner is the Anglican Church in North America. We had looked at Free Methodist, Wesleyan Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Catholic even, the LCMS and ELCA as Mary has her roots in the Lutheran tradition, and into a few other traditions as well. This matters because the tradition that you are in should guide your faith and instruct you in a walk that is pleasing to God. We eventually settled on ACNA for the following reasons.

  1. The fact that they are a part of the Anglican Communion is a big draw. This connects you with millions of brothers and sisters in Christ in a similar way that the Methodist connection was intended to. Catholic but not Roman Catholic is a great thing. After so hearing and engaging in so much debate over the creeds and if they should matter, it is nice to be in a denomination that is not fearful of claiming the historic apostolic faith. It doesn’t hurt that I like the 39 articles. In many ways, being brought up in the United Methodist Church, it is a return to the Anglo-Catholic faith I was raised in. Not perfectly the same, but similar enough that it is familiar.
  2. There is a fairly consistent teaching that we can raise our son in without the same concerns that exist in the UMC. That matters. A lot.
  3. The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral is a pretty great thing.
  4. This.
  5. Finally the availability of a church close enough for us to be workable. It is a bit further out than I would prefer, but it is workable. There is no distance for good theology that is to far.

There are very good United Methodist churches. There are amazing United Methodist pastors, many of whom I have met. The denomination though is a mess, and it’s a mess that we did not feel we could be a part of any longer. The reasons for that may be found here if you are interested. What this means practically is that now that this has been decided, you can expect more from me blogging, so congratulations or my condolences depending on what you think of my point of view. See you soon.

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  1. Scott,

    A little confused– ACNA isn’t a part of the Anglican Communion! They may have communion with a few provinces, but they’re not actually a member province of the communion, itself.

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