And suddenly, Kevin Schut is cool… @brazospress

Brazos Press has recently released this book by Kevin Schut,

Video games are big business, generating billions of dollars annually. The long-held stereotype of the gamer as a solitary teen hunched in front of his computer screen for hours is inconsistent with the current makeup of a diverse and vibrant gaming community. The rise of this cultural phenomenon raises a host of questions: Are some games too violent? Do they hurt or help our learning? Do they encourage escapism? How do games portray gender? Such questions have generated lots of talk, but missing from much of the discussion has been a Christian perspective.

Kevin Schut, a communications expert and an enthusiastic gamer himself, offers a lively, balanced, and informed Christian evaluation of video games and video game culture. He expertly engages a variety of issues, encouraging readers to consider both the perils and the promise of this major cultural phenomenon. The book includes a foreword by Quentin J. Schultze.

And they sent me a copy.

Anyway, I’m just now getting into this book… this is not a dry book. This is a rather entertaining book.


He writes this:

All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

That’s just on page 6. Already, a direct reference to Battlestar Galatica.

Holy… moly… The author is cool.

Now, if he doesn’t start with Plato and tell us how images and their influence have always been something to argue with, I can forgive him. Because, well, he has already established his street cred…

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