And after all of the threats, bells, and whistles, @SenTedCruz still voted how?

On Sunday he made clear that he opposed cutting off debate — called cloture — unless the majority leader, Harry Reid, agreed that 60 votes be required to strip the bill of language that would gut the health care law. On “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Cruz, a freshman from Texas, declared his opposition to “any vote for cloture, any vote to allow Harry Reid to add funding for Obamacare with just a 51-vote threshold.”

“A vote for cloture is a vote for Obamacare,” Mr. Cruz said.

Yet after the vote on Wednesday, Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, said Mr. Cruz had never intended to oppose the motion to take up the bill, an assertion contradicted by Mr. Cruz’s words and procedural motions for days before the tally. Aides to senior Republican senators fumed that they had been deluged by conservative activists pressing for a “no” vote. (Here)

I defriended indeed someone yesterday because of their garbage on Facebook. Call me mean, or whatever, but idolizing these morons shows your complete ineptness and then to suggest that somehow this hypocritical idiots will save this country shows me just how far out of reality you are.

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  1. God obviously intended Ted Cruz for a humbler task. My guess is somewhere along the line the senator from Texas missed his calling to be a performer in a carnival side show. Then, who knows. Ronald Reagan wasn’t much of an actor until he reached the White House.

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