An Uncontrollable Urge to Scorn.

This research considers people who live in the so called Bible Belt as “Conservative Christians” and also “implies” that anyone who identifies themselves as Religious Conservative, really is any or both… So, if I live near gold mines on in a gold mining area, that makes me a nugget!

How  different are these researchers from ISIS when they say that everyone who lives in America, or every American, just by living in America or being in American, or just by living in the West, is an enemy of Islam?

Now, the reason men may resort to internet porn in the Bible Belt is perhaps because there are less whores and promiscuous women there… So, I can also draw unreasonable conclusions judging by the way a geographical area is identified.

Aware that I am disseminating sheer stupidity, and an uncontrollable urge to scorn those who are genuinely Christians, read here

“The hypocrisy common across the conservatives parties and movements is that while demanding the the government stay out of your hospital and your gun cabinet, they are forcing the government into your bedroom.”

Yeah, the hypocrisy, unfortunately, is of the non-conservatives who do not want conservative governments in their bedroom but want conservative governments and everyone else to pay for aids that they use mainly when they are having sex in their bedroom, thus inviting ALL to their bedroom while saying they wish not them to be there… Oh, I forgot, non-conservatives don’t have sex in bedrooms…

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One Reply to “An Uncontrollable Urge to Scorn.”

  1. The South is, and has been, filled with contradictions. Although Bible believers abound, divorce is rampant. At the other end of the spectrum, education and wages tend to be low.

    Southern politics also makes for some very strange bedfellows.

    A few decades ago, it was not uncommon to see preachers and bootleggers standing side by side protesting liquor by the drink sales.

    Although Southerners pay lip service to those who’ve served, most of the politicians elected from the region are either aging right-wing draft dodgers or younger Yellow Elephants.

    Yet, despite all the bad mouthing Southerners endure, a lot of their neighbors wind up being retirees from Northern states. Oh, and by the way, that influx will eventually change voting patterns in the South!

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