An (Too Much) Ecumenical flowchart

Not sure I would agree with this. Of course, if I did, I might have to be Catholic –

Principium Unitatis: Ecumenical flowchart.

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5 Replies to “An (Too Much) Ecumenical flowchart”

  1. I got stuck in the first loop.

    There is the presupposition that the “Roman Catholic Church” is Christian. It left Christianity years ago. Note I am not saying that there are no Christians in the “Roman Catholic Church”, just that the church itself is not a Christian church. Christians accept amongst other things the doctrine of the Trinity, The RCC has stated with a Papal Bull (this making it official RCC Dogma) that Mary is Co-Redemptrix with Christ, this makes at least a quasi Quadrinity. Nota Bene: this is not the only issue by far, but one of the most obvious to any onlooker.

  2. Blah, blah, blah …

    That would assume that the Pope and his lackeys are those people with such authority, wouldn’t it? I don’t see that as an acceptable foregone conclusion.

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