An @ivpress contest

Here are the rules:

Do you have a picture of yourself or a friend with an IVP book?  Share it with us, and win a paperback book of your choice!!  It’s your chance to get that book you’ve been hearing about…for free!

To Enter:

Post a picture of you or someone you know holding, reading or posing with an IVP book.  It can be any book, young or old, as long as it’s from InterVarsity Press!  For this reason, we’ll need to be able to see the book. Label the picture with your first name, where you’re from, and the book you’re showcasing.


Three winners will be chosen from all our posts to choose any paperback book from IVP.  We’ll notify the winners by private message and post the results and winning pictures on our Wall.

Contest Dates:

From today, July 1, to next Friday, July 8th at 2:00pm Central time.

If you’re looking for an example, we’ve re-posted the picture from last week of the little scholar that was spotted at an employee’s wedding.

I would assume that you have to tag IVP, via Facebook.

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