An image of how to “fix” the #UMC #wvumc

I hear a lot about the idea that the United Methodist Church needs fixing. What I understand this to mean is that one side wants the UMC to look more like them. Anyway, I got to thinking this morning about an image (because like our images; because images define us) that would show what I mean about my idea to “fix” the UMC:


 The UMC is the circle. Are we flowing in or flowing out of it? Both. The left and the right are only boundaries where most of the UMC fits into. They are heavy lines because they are the barriers that prop up what makes the UMC great, in my opinion.

What do I mean? I mean, stop worrying about fixing anything. Start preaching the Gospel. Start being from and going into the UMC. The Spirit will lead and guide.

Anyway, just a way to start a convo.

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