An Excerpt from The Language of Science and Faith

I posted the announcement yesterday, here, and today, IVP-Academic has posted an excerpt (first chapter, I believe), here.

This is not a question of how strong your faith it – instead, it is how inspired do you feel your interpretation of Scripture is…

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2 Replies to “An Excerpt from The Language of Science and Faith”

  1. That is an interesting book Joel.

    I have thought hard and long about the issue of faith and in regards to your quote; We need to be careful that our faith is centred on the Cross and Christ. If its on the periphials and they don’t come to pass; we find ourselves in a crisis of faith.

    1. In the best words possible, Preach it, Craig, just preach it. I hope that Christ can become our center and let these others things settle – not fall, but settle. Christ is the Center.

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