An @eerdmansbooks Contest on Facebook

Contest Instruction:

We’ve published what we think are a lot of great books over the past century, but we’d like to see which ones you’ve enjoyed.

From today until August 1, 2011, submit a creative picture of your favorite Eerdmans book and sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win one of three gift certificates redeemable at Eerdmans.

How to Enter:

1. Submit one or more creative photographs of your favorite Eerdmans book(s).

2. Sign up for our newsletter.

How to Win:

Ask your friends to vote for your picture! We can be swayed by public opinion, so be sure to collect as many votes as possible.

We Eerdfolk will select our three favorite photos based on the following criteria.

1. Creativity (make your photos one of a kind)

2. Composition (frame your photos well)

3. Clarity (don’t submit a blurry image we can’t see)

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