An Autistic (Welcoming) Church

Halfway through a Mass in Caldwell College’s campus chapel, Chase Keith rose to his feet for one of the most challenging parts of a challenging day.

It required the boy from Basking Ridge, N.J., to offer his hand to strangers in the traditional sign of peace. With his mother whispering in his ear and guiding his arm, the 7-year-old stuck out his small hand toward a fellow parishioner.

“How you? Peace,” Chase said.

Afterward, his mother slipped him a Goldfish cracker as a reward for his correct behavior. Chase had gone through months of intensive training with a specialist to get to this point — where he could sit through a Catholic Mass with his family.

via Autism In The Church: Growing Acceptance For Developmentally Disabled At Religious Services.

Glad to hear this. And I know that a few of you are as well…


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2 Replies to “An Autistic (Welcoming) Church”

  1. I want to be glad that this church is out there, but I know that churches that welcome people with social/behavioral disabilities are in the vast minority and still, to this day, shun those who represent for some an unsettling aspect of being made in god’s image.

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