An Apophatic Rendering of the Logos in John’s Prologue

I have not familarized myself as well as I should with Apophatic Theology, but I did find this post interesting. This is only a part of the post, but take your time to read it:

The prologue of John’s Gospel is not only the conceptual summary of John’s account, but also the lens through which the Evangelist wants readers to view Jesus. Burge calls it an “overture to the story of the rest of the Gospel.” Because of the summary or preview nature of the prologue and the “preliminary narrative sections that have been dovetailed into it,” there is assent concerning the theory that the prologue to John’s Gospel was penned after the Gospel proper; and the notion that the original narrative probably began at verse nineteen finds similar corroboration. Burge elsewhere identifies the prologue as one of the prominent “literary seams” or “aporias” of John’s Gospel, in which there is a clear distinction between the poetic structure and idiomatic language of the prologue and the rest of the Gospel. This view has been commonly accepted on the basis of two types of arguments: those based on form or textual criticism and those based on theological analysis.  Most often, though, the view is held in light of some combination of the two, except where the author feels sufficient doubt to label such attempts as “speculative at best.”

An Apophatic Renderig of the Logos in John’s Prologue « Cognitive Dissonance. (here as well, maybe?)

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