An Apology to Commenter Tom Finland aka “Father” Robert

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The disreputable dilettante Tom Finland, that famous Irishman who pollutes every biblioblog with his homoerotic and phallocentric feces of comments wants me to apologize. He says, in part,

“Just a note Joel, I would not press this “trash” that Rod has put up, again this is simply not Christian, and now my wife has seen it, and she will simply go liable, is this is continued! I could care less myself, but then I don’t speak or live by myself. Lets just say she has legal experience. And beware of a woman’s wrath! 😉

*A word, saying I am sorry works wonders with my dear wife. She is Irish, and she is very upset!

As Joel rightfully observed, Manly Man Tom Finland (who is a complementarian) has all of a sudden decided that his wife wears the pants in his family. Oh, so he’s egalitarian now? I coulda sworn that these Reformed complementarian types were “manly men” who stood up for themselves, talked for themselves, and watched Mixed Martial Arts (*cough cough* homoerotic *cough cough*). First, Father Robert does the cowardly thing and bashes bashes Joel Watts on Jim West’s blog! He’s supposed to be a former Royal Marine, and he’s not even man enough to do that on these parts of the blogosphere. I call coward, and I call bull crap!

On the issue of sharing the Tom Finland post by Roland Boer, Father Robert for the first time has promised legal action, yes on this very post, he said ne’r word to Roland Boer, the author about any law suit. What does this tell me? Our former “Marine” remains a coward. He’s not even man enough to bring legal action against the man who wrote the post originally what is now 2 years ago! (but really wouldn’t be, in reality).

Father Robert is a woman-hating coward, he has proved that over the years with his arguments with Suzanne. There’s no doubt about that. His online actions lead me to suspect that he is overcompensating to live up to the complementarian vision of masculinity by being an angry, dickish, scaredy-cat piece of douche-baggery. If you think this post is a little tasteless, good on you! But, I have gotten sickened by Father Robert’s cyber-bullying and it was about time someone confronted him about it. Of course, what matters for Father Robert is not the original Greek of passages in the New Testament in the passages that deal with the lives of women (with often negative and oppressive implications), but to recognize the English Translations as THE Word of God. A ridiculous proposition, if you ask any reasonable person not named Tom Finland.

Of course, Father Robert recognizes that male bloggers have been too kind to Suzanne a woman: “I have noted too that most of the male bloggers have been very kind to you also”–yah, apparently, she shouldn’t be allowed to comment on blogs due to her gender. Perhaps women should allow their husbands to make comments on blogs for them, right Tom? Would that work? Women should be kept quiet in church, and even in on-line churches, aka, biblio-blogs. Tom Finland, the (phallo)logical thinking religious person that he is resorts to calling people he disagrees with names because he has no other way of arguing rationally. Of course I’ve resorted to polemics in this post, but this post is a rant and an attempt at humor at someone’s whose worldview is anything but funny. I won’t link to Tom Finland’s “blog” but it’s quite obvious that in his worldview, only the opinion of white males matters (no offense white people or males).

*This post was written in self-defense*

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14 Replies to “An Apology to Commenter Tom Finland aka “Father” Robert”

  1. All this inside information to find out what the heck you’re talking about. If I have to spend a half hour to read background on what you are talking about, it takes the fun out of it. You should provide a summary, one paragraph or less, of what exactly the point of the post is. Remember the byline for journalism, – in the first paragraph, put who, what, when, where, why. Otherwise, the readers have to do too much work. Of course, you can tell me to take a hike. But I can also take a hike. no comprende.

    1. Read the links, it’ll explain everything. That’s the purpose of links, so there won’t have to be explanations.


      The links are in blue font.

    2. Robert Darby is a ‘troll’ who has been on the blog circuit for a while, but every now and then, he’ll return here. He is a very inflammatory person who likes to causes lots of trouble. Lots. Lots and lots. He changes his positions pretty regularly, mainly to whomever he is speaking to. His backstory is rather odd, as he was in England, but came to the States for a few weeks…. years ago.

  2. Being the pacifist that I am, I find this rather painful. I don’t know why he would have dragged your name into Jim’s post in the way he did and think the whole saga is less then honourable. Just saying.

    1. it’s because he does that. from what I understand, people have been asking him not to comment on their blogs for a while now, so he has no other blog to turn to to. He’s been attacking me for 4 years now. He’s even gone so far as to blind copy emails, etc… between me and other bloggers, trying to get everyone talking about one another. It’s a pitiful excuse.

  3. Storm in a teacup to noncombatants, but we all get angry sometimes. [I’m Irish, so I can stay angry for decades . . . :)]

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