Amos and the Other Prophet to the People of God

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In reading ]]’s essay in Intervarsity Press’ Reclaiming the Old Testament for Christian Preaching, I found the author’s point about Amos, from Judah, preaching to Israel as something to be further developed.

Remember, that during the secession of Israel’s ten tribes from Jerusalem, they had established their own sect of Judaism and the like. I say this because automatically, one might shoot down my point by saying that Israel and Judah were of the same religion. Point noted, but historical studies might draw a different conclusion.

But, I digress into rambling.

The Prophet Amos was a Judean, sent north to Israel/Samaria to warn them of their impending destruction. He was an Other, and not a member of their systems, something he noted. So, it got me to thinking over the weekend. What if the Church is experiencing something along that of Amos?

Assyrian was used for God’s purposes as was Babylon and even Jonah’s Nineveh. They were used to set Israel right. To correct and to admonish. Or, to show that God’s concern wasn’t regulated to a geographical location or a specific group of people.

What if the unholy Other is being used to call the Church to attention?

Is the God of the Old Testament still active in the New Testament Church?

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