American Patriot's Bible makes Headlines

Thanks to Bitsy for pointing this out

Evangelical author and pastor Greg Boyd’s lengthy critique, posted on Christianity Today’s website, calls Lee’s Bible “idolatrous,” saying, “There’s not a single commentary in this Bible that even attempts to shed light on what the biblical text actually means.”

Today, both red- and blue-state Christians crave God’s endorsement, said Larry Eskridge of Wheaton College’s Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals.

“The problem for those who read The American Patriot’s Bible is that their contemporary Christian peers on the left cite the same source to justify their view that America has much to repent for in its economic, cultural, and military relationships to the rest of the world,” Eskridge said.

“Maybe, just maybe, the unadorned text of the Bible has something to say to both sides of the equation.”

Read the rest:

New ‘American Patriot’s Bible’ sees USA’s ‘godly roots’

And of course, my review.

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10 Replies to “American Patriot's Bible makes Headlines”

  1. The part where Jesus fought along side Washington WAS awesome. Best book.

    Also, if Christians keep selling books, their going to re-write history, oh wait.

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