American Family Association Declares Todd Akin right – Next up, Deuteronomy 22.28 National Marriage Act

So, over the weekend Missouri (GOP) Representative Todd Akin declared that “legitimate rape” (whatever the hel heck┬áthat means) does not caused pregnancy. This MDiv (Covenant┬áTheological Seminary, PCA)

Akin, as he usually does, has found an ally with the Religious Way-Right, notably Bryan Fischer. There are groups out there attempting to use science (I guess the same science suggesting dinosaurs were put in the ground by the devil) to suggest that rapes alter the woman’s body so that pregnancy cannot occur. Now, this super-cool evolutionary trait doesn’t allows work. I guess the logic then, is that if a pregnancy does occur, then maybe it is not a rape?


You do not have to hold medical degrees to know that sexual intercourse does not always lead to pregnancy, consensual or not. But, this is not actually about real science, only science dictated by what religious groups want the bible to say (a book that says nothing about science, by the way).

See more here.

I have to wonder if the PCA and Aiken would impose the┬áDeuteronomic rape clause upon rapists and their victims? (Not saying that Deuteronomy means that, by the way, but since these guys (where are the gals?) are literalists…

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3 Replies to “American Family Association Declares Todd Akin right – Next up, Deuteronomy 22.28 National Marriage Act”

  1. I remember when the AFA seemed to be focused on fighting pornography and the like. I kind of admired them back then, although I never did join in the boycott of Waldenbooks.

    This is disgusting. Especially the inherent charge that any woman who has become pregnant from a rape — I seem to think that that’s something like 10,000 women in this country each year, to say nothing of the world population — is lying.

    I seem to remember the Bible, and Jesus in particular, having words for people who chose to defend the powerful (say, a wealthy white politician) against the weak (let’s say, rape victims worldwide).

    I don’t recall Him being especially pleased with such sons of – … ummm … iniquity. I meant “iniquity,” of course.

  2. This perfectly encapsulates the Right’s views toward women. It is believed that they are sub-human even in the most horrifying of circumstances. Congratulations, evangelicals! This is your party.

    1. I wish I could argue with you on that, Robert.

      You’re exactly right. And I don’t think that enough of us will take a moment to look at what is actually being said because the all-important thing is to defend our own camp, and if we acknowledge that rape can cause pregnancy then that’s practically the same as funding abortion on demand.

      Or something like that.

      Sometimes, like today, I really hate this thing called American Evangelical Christianity. A tool of the Republican Party and self-promotion … sigh … I’m about to get myself in real trouble, I think.

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