American Civil Religion and Idolatry

Because I don’t want the painting displayed on my homepage, I’m going to post it under the fold:


Jesus Constitution

When will Christians stand up and stop this garbage? (Click here for the interactive map and history of this propaganda piece). When you go there, if you know your history, early and late, you will see glaring inconsistencies with received history and this painting. Further, you will see here current propaganda (note the Supreme Court Justice) not to mention the complete and utter idolatry of Christ actually holding the U.S. Constitution.

I wonder if the artist has ever read anything about taking the name of God, or making idols, in the bible? Of course not, because the artist says he received this in a vision during the 2008 elections.

On the other side—Jesus’ left side—is another set of characters, including a professor holding a copy of Darwin’s Origin of the Species, a politician, a lawyer counting his money, a liberal news reporter, and a Supreme Court Justice weeping over Roe v. Wade. Oh, and who could forget Satan lurking in the shadows. (from here)

PJ has a similar take on this was well.

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26 Replies to “American Civil Religion and Idolatry”

  1. Christians will stand up to it when they stop listening to leaders who stroke our egos by telling us that the US is God’s special nation.

    Christians will stand up to it when they stop selling out God for political power, and stop making compromises with the Secular Right to win elections.

    … in other words, don’t hold your breath.

  2. This picture just makes my blood boil. It is the worst violation of taking the LORD’s name in vain. It demonizes everyone who disagrees with the artist’s far right agenda.

  3. Dittos to what has been mentioned….this is foul and to put it mildly from the pit of hell. I love the :”vision” weenies….if they were not serious as spit they would really be funny.

  4. Why is it that we hail artists and performers who spit on, or urinate on, or submerge Christ in urine as cutting edge and visionary? Here we have an artist doing what many others have done and rendered up to us his vision, his artistic muse. Here we have hatred and vitriol being thrown at him for daring to speak (his God given right by the way) his voice. What agenda? What politics? Would it be more acceptable if Christ were kneeling before FDR, or Clinton, or Obama? Would it be more PC if instead of Christ holding the Constitution it was Darwin? How intolerant the left has become. How sad indeed…

    1. It is very sad, Andrew, that people actually thank that what this man has done is any different than what Larry David did when he urinated on the picture of Christ (which I criticized as well). No one is throwing hatred at the artist, just questioning his understanding of Christ and then of politics.

      Your other points about FDR, Clinton, etc… show first you political persuasion, and the depths of misunderstanding about this painting and politics that you yourself have.

  5. Polycarp is right there Andrew….The deal about someone like Larry David doing his idiocy and this picture is that shows Jesus doing something that is no condoned in Scripture or Sacred Tradition. It is a graven image. Larry David and others like him show their ignorance as well as where their heart it. The difference is that one is an act of disbelief while the other is idolatry. The painting is a “Golden Calf” that finds no place in the Christian faith. It shows the depths that many who call themselves “Christian” have sunk, equating Christ and our Faith with with an America-centric right-wing version of “good and evil.” As Ross Perot would have said to Larry King in the 1992 election: “That’s just sad Larry.”

  6. Idol worship? Political leanings? Understanding of who and what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ means? These are interesting ideas that I see absent in this picture. Who are we to say this is heresy or evil? Very well then here is MY understanding of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten son of Heavenly Father our living God. Jesus Christ is the pathway to redemption and salvation. No person who has lived, is living, or will ever live can be saved and brought home to our Heavenly Father save it be through faith and belief in Jesus Christ. As a soldier I leave my politics at the door. I put on the uniform and I defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I do not care the politics, race religion, creed, etc… of those who I defend because I defend ALL Americans worthy or not. I serve with my brothers doing a job that very few have the ability or the fortitude to do. I have spilled my blood and I watched the deaths of those with whom I serve and yet I push on because my country asks. I push on for my God, my faith, and my fellow brothers in arms. The U.S. Constitution is a sacred and holy document inspired by God for the direction of His faithful followers here on Earth. Freedom is God’s gift to all man. Freedom is the inherited right of all sentient creation. Since our Savior Jesus Christ is Heavenly Father’s messenger on Earth it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus Christ would deliver God’s sacred document as a reminder that we should be about God’s work and not our own. Break it down how ever you want but never forget that He is watching and He is waiting along with His son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Will we be rewarded for remembering Him or will we fall along the wayside and be forever lost in a sea of darkness? When I look around I see the left or the right tearing God’s sacred document into select pieces that forever alters what He wants’ this picture makes sense. As for my political leanings all of us will be in for a shock when we finally return to God’s loving embrace and we learn that He and his Only Begotten are not left or right, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. How will we react when we look thoroughly His tears and realize the fateful error we made? I will gladly stand with any man who serves Heavenly Father’s principles regardless of religion or political leanings. I will stand with my scriptures in one hand and my sword in the other just as Heleman, Moroni, Mormon, and Nephi. May the good Lord keep and bless us all as we walk the path to His light.

    1. Ahh, Andrew, so many problems. First, your Mormonism clouds your view of idolatry and the American Civil Religion. In your view, this country was founded by God Himself for the purpose of Mormonism, so it would be unreasonable for us to sway you from your notion of the rightness of Christ holding the Constitution without first speaking with you about Mormonism. Anyone who declares that the Constitution is a sacred and holy document inspired by God, well, Andrew, we have much work to do.

  7. While this has been interesting I must take my leave. Your main comment rests upon my “Mormonism” as you put it. I am not interested in religion bashing. As I said before I will gladly stand with any man who serves Heavenly Father’s principles regardless of religion or political leanings. I serve God and my country with no preconditions and no litmus tests. This country was founded by God via the Constitution so that all man could see and come to a place that values freedom above all else. Freedom is God’s gift to every man of any faith.

    May the good Lord keep and bless you.


    1. Andrew, this is not religion bashing – except maybe the civil religion. What I will stand again to say, is that your Mormonism clouds very much the correct view here. When you are basing your view of this idolatry on your religion, then we must first determine the correctness of your religion. As you may know, the ‘artist’ is a Mormon himself.

  8. Well, of course the Constitution is sacred! That’s why, in its perfection, African-Americans were still property and were counted as 3/5 of a person.

    You know how sacred documents are always imperfect when they’re first written!

  9. Things like this give Christians everywhere a very bad name. Whoever created this picture needs to be more aware of the global church. Christians in other countries are suffering persecution because of the ties that America falsely has to Christianity. I wish America would openly declare to the world that it is not a Christian nation. “You will know a tree by its fruit,” part of America’s fruit is terrible deceit. People think they can receive freedom in America but they actually receive bondage: greed, sloth, gluttony, selfishness. Not that these things are absent in other places but I think the “American Dream” that everyone wants so much promotes these sins to an extreme.

    May the Holy Spirit reveal the truth to us and set us free from our blindness. May we not be tied to any nationality, but rather to God’s kingdom, regarding everyone on an equal right to enter the kingdom.

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