Am I that Depraved that I am a Calvinist?

c-testThis is the second day, the second quiz, that has slightly alluded to the fact that I may have Calvinistic tendencies.

Personally, I was rather hoping for something like what Doug Chaplin or Michael Whitenton, who fared much better than I. Of course, I am taking it like golf – the lower the number, the better.

I must pray, as I recieved the same score as Dr. West. Perhaps a public fast for my soul is required?

If you feel that you must, you can take the quiz here, but be warned, the results could be dangerous yomental well being.

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22 Replies to “Am I that Depraved that I am a Calvinist?”

  1. Yeah, i hit 39%.  Calvin himself wrote wonderfully – especially on the creation.  Lust for life pretty well disqualifies you from the Calvinist school – i wonder if Calvin himself would be rigid enough today.
    But you, Joel, we are praying for you.  Candles have been lit!!!

      1. You are so very mistaken mr. Roman Catholic. One glaringly LARGE mistake is the issue of the Pope etc. and the declaring of the Transubstantiation, and the place of Mary in prayer to God, and to the ‘saints”, The office of Priests, and that they should be celibate ( forbidden to be married ) and the eating of meats. HUGE Errors. HUGE! Its a wonder if any Roman Catholic are saved at all. Especially since they pray to mary to deliver them from purgatory. God what a load of crap!

          1. I thought you knew scripture better than a protestant. That was just human “good” you expressed.

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