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ken ham lightWhen the Big Bang was first proposed by Jesuit Priest George Lemaître, it was almost discarded because it sounded too religious.

Let that sink in for a moment.

It sounded too religious.

We also know that the Soviet Union refused to teach much of the science from this discovery because it sounded too religious. Now, we have moronic “teachers” who should know better attempting to give an “answer” to mathematical proof of the Big Bang.

First, this announcement may be improperly understood and reported. For instance, in 2003 proof for cosmic inflation was incorrectly reported and a similar erroneous claim was made last year. Second, the predictions that are being supposedly confirmed are very model-dependent: if the model changes, then the predictions change. Inflation is just one of many free parameters that cosmologists have at their disposal within the big bang model, so they can alter these parameters at will to get the intended result. Third, other mechanisms could mimic the signal being claimed today. So, even if the data are confirmed, there may be some other physical mechanism at play rather than cosmic inflation.

via Has Cosmic Inflation Been Proved? – Answers in Genesis.

Faulkner, by the way, was head of a nursing and public health program. Imagine that. Wonder if he required marriage for rape victims?

science graspLet us focus on the comment highlighted below. There first hope is that the information is going to be somehow wrong. Regardless of all of the information released, the data released, and the peer reviewed work examined, they are hoping — and no doubt praying — that the information is reported wrongly.

I mean, the person who first predicted it 30 years ago, Andre Linde, was told in a very public manner:

Oh, and he predicted it using math.

Their second objection/hope/cause of child sacrifice is that the model changes so the results will change. Except, no. Very little change has occurred in the last 30 years when Andre Linde first predicted it.

Using math.

He showed the eventual known reality using math.

Third, they respond like they usually do. Well, “observational science.” Or, “there is this book, Bill.”

This is called the theory of motivated reasoning. You are actually observing the mental disorder in full bloom.

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