Ahmadinejad, Iranian Dominionist

Among other things, playing between the earthly and unearthly and reaping the fruit of “unearned” power tends to create all sorts of delusions. Ahmadinejad, Masha’i and his ever-narrowing intimate circle were not immune to delusions of grandeur and invincibility, bravado and ranting. Ahmadinejad believes he has the natural and supernatural powers to see Masha’i succeed him as President in 2013. If that were to come true, then Khameneh’i, who has worked so hard to defeat the reformists, the Green Movement and the majority of his own people in order to consolidate all power into his own hands, would have to hand over power to Ahmadinejad, whom he always believed to be just a useful pawn.

via Ali Rahnema: The Occult Chickens Have Come Home to Roost: Religious Superstition in Iranian Politics.

Something to be learned, I reckon – in that in theocracies, you will end in one of two ways – either you aren’t righteous enough and thus storms will come and markets will fall or your superstitions will over take you.


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