@AccordanceBible gets Orthodoxy… Review of the Popular Patristics Module (and Desert Fathers)

Accordance already has the Orthodox Study Bible, but with this latest addition, Orthodox readers will find more in Accordance for them. Accordance now has the Popular Patristics Series and The Desert Fathers (a necessary expansion of the “Give Me a Word” volume).

In these the Popular Patristic series, you will find:

You will find some of the most formable Christian minds, including my personal favorite: St. John of Damascus. Sure, there is Tertullian, but St. John is the theologian of the East that has a great deal to say today regarding a return to Christian thinking in a world that is often counter to our existence. This one volume, to be honest, is one of my favorite set of writings from the period. These translations are all recent.

The Desert Fathers is a useful resource that helps to take the Give Me a Word volume and expands what is included as snippets (something like what would it be if the Fathers’ tweeted?) and provides us the fuller passage.

As noted above, the Give Me a Word translation offers un-translated words. Accordance provides hyperlinks to help us navigate these facets, as well as providing hyperlinks for the verses and footnotes. It makes reading these works — and using them in research – easier (think saving time not having to find verses or notes). In the Treatises on Divine Imageswhere the translators offer cross-references to other parts of the volume, these are included in the hyperlink.

I am glad to see Accordance moving into this direction. As more and more English-speaking Christians begin to turn towards the Great Tradition (either with Rome or to the blessed East), having more resources available via our bible software such as these (and note, this is only the first phase for the Patristics) can only help us better appreciate the long and rich tradition of the Church.

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