Absolute Proof that President Obama is a Christian

As the April 16 deadline approaches for Americans to file their 2011 tax returns, President and Mrs. Obama have released their tax bill showing they paid 20.5 percent in taxes on an adjusted gross income of $789,674. But of the $172,130 they donated to charity, only $1,000 went directly to a church.

Obamas Earn $789,674 in 2011; Give $1,000 to St. John’s Church.


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24 Replies to “Absolute Proof that President Obama is a Christian”

  1. A good Christian would applaud the fact that they 1) gave 20% to charity. The U.S. average is a fraction of that. And 2) they spread it among 39 worthy charities. Helping others is subjective. They gave $100K+ to Fisher House, to provide scholarships to the children of veterans. If they didn’t do THAT, people would say they’re anti-military. People are never satisfied. Why search for things to complain about? Why not focus on how much they gave and how many different people they gave? People are never satisfied.

  2. The problem is, the Obamas aren’t active, committed members of any congregation. If they were, they should be giving heavily to that congregation. It’s the lack of committment to a congregation that makes his Christian profession suspect.

      1. He’s more of a “cultural” Muslim. He was raised with it, he holds many of its customs dear, but I don’t think he’s a Muslim or a Christian..just sayin’. Just like many “Christians” are just cultural Christians.

        1. Um…. there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the President is a cultural Muslim. He was raised by Christian grandparents, in a Christian country. IF anything, he is a cultural Christian.

          But, he has, like you and I and a host of others, given his testimony of conversion. As far as I can tell, it’s not proper that we should judge him as anything less. After all, we take everyone else’s word that they are Christian just by a profession.

          1. yeah, so exactly what fruit has allowed you to suggest that the President is not a Christian by his own admission and instead a cultural muslim?

          1. Who are you to judge? Give me Scripture. Give me what the law actually said. Otherwise, you are gossiping AND judging, and that is actually not very Christian.

          2. Gossping? Everybody knows that it is the worst pieceof legislalation after the patriot act.
            Read it yourself..it’ll give you nightmares. Raed sub-section 1021(d) yourself

          3. ahh yes… the “everyone knows” approach. I asked you to cite Scripture and to quote the actual legislation. You. Your words. Show me in Scripture that you believe that signing an act voted on by Congress is unChristian.

          4. So you think I’m violating the Every Good Irishman fallacy. OK..I assume you are familiar with the passage Exodus 21:22-23. and Isaiah 44:23 (I think..maybe 24)

          5. so in other words, you cannot produce arguments for your previous statement and now turn to a red herring? You realize that the Exodus passage actually allows abortion right?

            Now, let’s do this the Christian way. You accused a brother of something and provided no evidence. Either repent or explain.

          6. Now, you’re judging me. There isn’t a “proof text” that shows that the Lord gives us liberty. But that’s always what I’ve suppported..liberty.
            He wants his peolple to be self sufficient (1 thess 4:11, and for US to help our fellow man, not the government. Sure, I’ll take money if someone gives it to me, but where is it ultimately coming from? Being forced to pay for government projects is inherently theft. I’ve never heard his testimony. I’ve only heard when he said “I’m a christian..you know…am I my brother’s keeper”
            Bush said he was a Christian too, and he obviously wasn’t. Well, maybe he was, but he did a lot to make this country worse. And no, I will not prove it to you. I think you agree with me. Plus, Obama has lied over 50 times as per http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg9m1F8B2_c

          7. A proof text is a text taken out of context to prove a point that cannot be proven other wise. You have defined it correctly.

            Let’s see what you have done.

            You have accused the President of not being a Christian. You have provided no proof. You then quote Scripture, out of context.

            Then, you suggest that a youtube video is all one needs to prove that the President is not a Christian.

            You keeping using Scripture, but I don’t think you know what it means.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think that his lack of commitment to a congregation has anything to do with whether or not he is a Christian. He was committed in Chicago, when he wasn’t President, when his presence wouldn’t cause problems.

      Presidents usually do not have a commitment to a congregation while they are President.

      1. I agree, I think that to be a president it would almost impossible to attend a church regularly. The logistics every week with the secret service would be hard on any church, esp. to do it regularly. Also, the secret service would probably want the church to provide prostitutes and that just wouldn’t be appropriate for most churches ; )

      2. If American Presidents really are unable to commit themselves and their families to a particular congregation and attend Christian worship services regularly, then that would seem to exclude an awful lot of American citizens from becoming President of their country . . .

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