Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead

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In a comment today, John Poirier notes something which Abraham had said. I found this article similar to the report, which begins:

Wesleyan theology is dead. Up from the ashes comes a different, historical way of looking at John Wesley.

In speaking with Rodney this evening, I noted the conversation and that I had found the article. Interesting enough, we were discussing whether or not what he mean was more in line with the dearth of Wesleyan Theologians. It seems, in my opinion, that Wesleyan theologians are more Barth than Wesley. The article goes on to state:

…Wesleyan theology has grown into more of a personal doctrine than a church doctrine, he said.

“There are as many John Wesleys as there are students of Wesley,” Abraham said.

Abraham said he thinks the broadening and personalizing of Wesleyan theology has ultimately led to its death within the Methodist church.

“We have used Wesley to our own ends and projected into Wesley what we have loved in life,” Abraham said.

Not yet reading anything else, I get the sense that Abraham is instead railing against the misuse of Wesley. Anyway, thought I’d share.

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5 Replies to “Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead”

  1. “I get the sense that Abraham is instead railing against the misuse of Wesley.”

    Yeah including Abraham’s own misuse.


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