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I review or have reviewed for Thomas Nelson, Abingdon Press, University of Illinois, IVP-Academic, Westminster John Knox, Baker Publishing, Our Sunday Visitor, Bethany House, Baylor University, Mohr Siebeck, Gorgias Press, Random House, Energion Publications, Walter De Gruyter, Bibleworks, Wipf and Stock, Eisenbrauns, Oxford, William B. Eerdmans Publishing, Kregel Publications, Michigan State University Press, Oneworld Publications, Baker Academic and (more to be added). I wish to thank each of these publishers for allowing me to review for them and to my readers for engaging the dialogue.

I started a hobby of study on the 4th Century, which you can find here.

This is a list of my book reviews and other resources which you might find useful.

A note about media reviews, unless otherwise expressly noted, the books and software are provided free of charge by the various publishers. I do my best to site the source of the product, if I don’t, rest assured, I am reviewing a copy sent to review. It does not mean that I will give a positive review – I want you to trust me – nor does it mean that I will cookie cut and paste good marks for the book. I will give you a review based on my interaction with the book. I will attempt to tell you about the book, and if I must, point out deficiencies of the material. I will either give you my recommendation or simply ‘forget’ to do so.

My Reviews on Amazon

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I recommend the New Living Translation Bible. (Here, There is an online version of the bible, as well – here.

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the NLT Mosaic, and in honor, I ran a blog-a-thon. Clicking below will take you to all the posts associated with my blog-a-thon and the blog tour to celebrate the release of the Mosaic. Here, you can find the video reviews of it.


I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network

Wesley Study Bible:

The American Patriot’s Bible:

General media review – such as BibleWorks 8 (reviews here.)

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  1. Looking closer to the ESV so-called publishing team, is very impressive!  Even a few Irish lad’s lol…from the Queen’s University of Belfast. Of course Leon Morris who I have met (Aussie).  I cannot find fault with the men and people.
    Fr. R.

  2. I appreciate all the work and trouble you have put into your site. I am looking for answers, hopefully through my continuing education I will find some. Pray for me

  3. We hope it is not impertinent if we ask you to review our book, The Context of Christ, on your website:

    It is frustrating that there is such general ignorance of the facts surrounding Jesus, with some even denying that He was a historical figure. In fact, not only was He a historical figure but, in human terms, the product of a very specific time and place. Our book is a short introduction to His historical and political context for the general reader, so that Christians and others can refute commonplace errors and misconceptions. Written jointly by a Christian and an agnostic, it presents the known facts objectively, with no agenda and no conspiracy theories. Please check it out for yourself: the Introduction and a substantial part of the first Chapter can be read free on Amazon.

    Thanks for considering us,

    John Winterson Richards, Andrew Harman

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