I have left this page up merely to display the comments, because I don’t like to get rid of too much. Note that a lot of things have changed in the intervening years. I’m not afraid of change, nor of showing how I’ve changed.

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  1. Oneness Pentecostalism has no real history, no Creedal support, and is not a real Christology. Sadly, this is true speech.

    1. Yeah because the Lord Knows “creedal support” is what makes you a christian. Please? The Creeds are on the same level as the Book of Mormon.

  2. I simply cannot understand your ignorance of the issue. First, I am not oneness pentecostal. Second, who cares about creeds? The only creed that I know is that Jesus Christ is Lord (Joel 2:32). But, I don’t want to go beyond what is written. As far as history is concerned, the Trinity doctrine was conceived in opposition to what many call Modalism, meaning that we came first.

  3. Great site! Very scholarly and accurate presentation of pure doctrine. I just started a blog about a month ago and it just happens to be designed like this one. I guess true Monotheist minds think alike. 🙂

    My blog is evduanewilliams.wordpress.com

    I pray that God continues to bless your ministry.

  4. “As far as history is concerned, the Trinity doctrine was conceived in opposition to what many call Modalism, meaning that we came first.”

    It doesn’t mean that at all. It merely means that the Trinitarian doctrine was codified, that is, clearly defined, when the heretical ideas of modalism arose.

  5. Not sure what page you pulled the quote from…

    LJ, I appreciate your comment, but you need to read your history of the development of the Trinity. It is a doctrine clearly seen as one developed and foreign to the Apostles and the Bible that they produced. It was developed through schism and politics of the Church.

    Modalism was the true and historic doctrine of the Church. Even Rome knows that.

  6. Polycarp,
    Not to get you and I go’in again, but for the sake of history, one must read JND Kellys classic book: Early Christian Doctrines. His book is in it 5th edition I believe. He is with the Lord now. (RIP) This book puts to silence your bad history and theology. READ IT!

  7. Irishanglican,

    I was a’ wandering when you might stop by again. For the sake of doctrine, you must read the Bible and notice that the doctrine of the Trinity was not in it. And then you must start to read actual history books, say some by the Catholic Church which state that the doctrine of the Trinity has been developed.

  8. Polycarp,

    I read and love the Holy Scriptures! And I would be in agreement that the “dogma” of the Trinity has developed, but from the nature and truth of the “Apostles doctrine/teaching” (Acts 2:42). Again, JND Kelly’s book is a classic, you would have to dimnish yourself mentally to deny its validation!
    Also, you cannot make the R. Catholic Church the boogie-man! The Eastern Orthodox Church has similarity, but it is also its own tradition (good word and way). As my own Church, Anglican. Like all hard-line “fundamentalists” you are really a reductionist, at best. I think I have stated the worst as you may know.

    Father Robert

  9. I never attempted to make Rome the boogie man. Rome, however, is the hold of the history of the development of the Trinity doctrine.

    Taking calling name is no way to address the issues.

    Can you provide a scriptural basis Church councils that establish and develop doctrine? Or Scriptural basis for Tradition over Scripture? The three denominations that you mentioned all support doctrinal development and tradition over scripture.

    Robert, it seems to me that you main goal in life is to argue, but you do so with no valid points and with no evidence.

    Please provide some.

  10. Polycarp,

    READ JND Kelly’s book…PLEASE! Then maybe we can at least debate. And I have learned with you, you simply cannot “exegete” scripture! Just writing down Greek words, means little if you cannot give some interpretive measure from them. And historical theology does matter also!

    Fr. Robert

  11. Historical development of theology does not matter.

    I exegete just fine, just not like you want it to come out. Perhaps your method is wanting in the Truth department?

  12. Polycarp,

    Now you have finally admitted one of your biggest weakness – “Historical development of theology does not matter?” Was there any development in any NT doctrine (to your mind)? Do you believe in theology at all? And do you believe in the hypostatic-union of Christ? And that Christ has two natures (God & Man) in one person?

    Fr. Robert

  13. What I believe is that you have a very free grasp on the things that you say. I also believe that you know full well that the Trinity doctrine developed over time, but you deem it necessary to use other words so as to hide the dishonesty of those that seek to supplant the truth. I also believe that Church Councils were made up of men doing the Emperor’s bidding, and was in themselves something akin to 19th century political parties.

    I also believe that you lurk waiting for arguments, knowing, fully, that those things that you espouse could not fill a blog, and that although cyberspace is filled with inconsequential items any way, those things would put it over the top therefore you seek only to put pithy comments to hide the fact that with all of your education you lack the one thing that you need, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

  14. Polycarp,

    You have once again evaded my questions theological. And your assessment historically lacks just that, the historical proof. I have not seen one piece of historical theology from you, but that’s right there isn’t any (for you, as you stated). And you forget (though I know you don’t like the fact, that I was a seminary professor). I can write and speak in few words, at least I try to. This was Calvin’s ability. But I know you are Arminian, most Pentecostal people are.

    And it is the fact I think of being so heterodox, i.e. unorthodox in the established faith. That causes you real problems. You just have opinions, and almost no theology proper. Sorry, but this is my conviction based on my theology and views of history. And mine are real, historical and can be given some historical sense. Though I am feeble I admit, even with my so-called education (which again seems to bother you?) It is not really personal, but you have made it so in your mind. It is called ad hominem, when you cannot attack the issue, you attack the man or person.

    Fr. Robert

  15. My goodness, someone else that likes to bloviate!

    Honestly, now you are going to attack my Arminianism? Is that another tactic to deflect from you lack of doctrinal support for the Trinity? You say that you have theology proper, yet your theology is found only in history books and philosophical defenses of what is supposedly the Christian faith. Proper theology begins and ends with the Scriptures themselves.

    You have yet to show one shred of evidence and yet you seem to think that you have? I have posted my theological reasoning, and yet all you have done is to shout into cyberspace, ‘You are wrong and I will show you’ then, nothing. Seems to me that your lack of evidence speaks volumes of your doctrine.

    All you do is to attack, and yet no more than a few weeks ago, you swore this blog off. Seems to me that your words are as honest as your doctrine, Robert.

  16. Your right Poly, I should not proceed with your ad hom. So I will leave, but say hi to Duane for me.

    Fr. Robert

  17. Poly, we will call it even. You are not gonna change me, and I am not gonna change you. If any change takes place? It will be the work of God in “metanoia” – a transformation of the mind!

    One thing we can agree on, this Todd B. is a fool and impostor! Hopefully most of the souls will just pass along through his deception. We have such in Great Britain, but they are more “spiritist” like.

    Fr. Robert

  18. Fr. Robert, on this I agree. I will also agree that I believe that you can be an invaluable resource on the Orthodox and early Church Councils.

    Todd B. is the latest in a long line of such people, always seeking to pervert the gospel.

    I don’t understand how people can so willingly give themselves over to such a fraud.

  19. Simon Magus was a true soldier. He traveled with a female spiritual companion and could fly. SM was a Sethian and rejected the false salvationist doctrine that was being promoted in the name of the fictional historic Jesus. SM came from a long lineage of Pagan Gnostics dating back to Plato and Pythagoras. The literalists perverted the Godman myth and obliterated all reference to Sophia (though early Christians worshipped her).

  20. Gnosticism, the heretical movement of the early Christian centuries that emphasized that salvation was through a secret gnosis or knowledge. Originating as a perversion of both Jewish and Christian truths, it developed into an independent phenomenon. The principal patristic sources of information about Gnosticism come from the Church Fathers, such as Justin the martyr, Irenaeus, Hippolytus, Origen, Tertullian, and Epiphanius. We also should note that “gnosis” is an immediate knowledge of spiritual truth without the mediation of churches or other institutions or rituals. Besides the full-blown aspect, as we see in the above quote (Johnnypeepers). Is there not some gnostic nature to many independent type Christians today? Yes, this is a question.

    Fr. Robert

    PS Poly I am hardly on “holiday”. Long story…

    Johnnypeepers – There are both Jewish..Hasidic’s that love the wisdom or sophia of God. And of course the Wisdom Lit. and books, etc. Plus the E. Orthodox have a place for doctrine of sophia. But the early orthodox Christian’s did not “worship” sophia.

    Fr. R.

  21. Well, if no holiday, then I hope that all is well.

    (Sidebar here, but have you picked up the Orthodox Study Bible?)

    I believe that many so-called independents have a form of gnosticism within themselves, but a very limited form, but then again, some ‘associated’ members do as well. If we are not careful, we begin to worship the gnosis more than the reality or action. Knowing about God is not the same as knowing God, if I am making myself plain here.

  22. Polycarp,

    Yes I have the Orthodox Study Bible. It uses the Septuagint for the OT text. Interesting, but not my blank choice for sure on the Text of the OT. Though this is the text the Jews used in Jesus time, and no doubt the early first century church to some degree. But, often St. Paul quotes the Hebrew, and very freely too (in his NT Letters).

    Agree as to “knowledge”…as St. Paul says: “knowledge (alone) puffs up”. We are simply nothing without the Spirit of God!

    I am here visting my elderly “mum”! God Bless her!

    Fr. R.

  23. I like the use of the Septuagint in NT Studies, and really enjoy having the OSB on hand, however, the NETS is the preferred choice, but since it does not have a NT attached to it, it is cumbersome in Church.

  24. I am glad to hear that you think it important to call attention to false doctrine. I was wondering what you think of Hank Hanegraaff’s commmentary on the Church of Christ, which I will copy and paste for you here. It is on CRI’s website, http://www.equip.org.

    Churches of Christ – Perspecitve
    Perspective CP0604

    Some Christians believe that the Church of Christ promotes non-biblical teachings and practices. Is the Church of Christ a Christian church?

    The Church of Christ movement originally arose in the hopes of promoting unity among all Christians, but it eventually ended up separating itself from other Christian groups. Although the Church of Christ movement is basically Christian, it’s difficult not to categorize certain factions as aberrant because of some of their more extreme doctrines and practices.

    Of all its beliefs, the Church of Christ movement is perhaps best known for its view that water baptism is absolutely essential for salvation. This is no doubt a “sub-biblical” view of baptism. Acts 10:44-48, for example, records that Gentiles were filled with the Holy Spirit (and therefore saved) before they were baptized. Water baptism is certainly a normal part of becoming a Christian and a member of the church; nevertheless, it’s still possible to be saved without having been baptized — especially when circumstances make baptism very difficult if not impossible (cf. Luke 23:39-43). Now, some of the more extreme factions within the Church of Christ movement go even further, and argue that anyone who views baptism differently from them is not a Christian and is, therefore, lost — even if that person has been baptized!

    There are also reports that heavy-handed tactics are employed by a number of more extremist groups within the Church of Christ. The Boston Movement, for example, which evolved from a similar movement at the Crossroads Church of Christ, is probably the most well-known of these authoritarian groups. Both movements were rejected by the mainline Churches of Christ. This particular group goes so far as to say that other segments of the Church of Christ movement are non-Christian and will face eternal damnation.

    And so, while the Church of Christ movement is orthodox in many of the essentials of the faith, it is plagued with a very loud segment whose views are so extreme that developing any type of Christian fellowship with them becomes almost an impossible task. But remember, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water; there are many within the Church of Christ movement who are committed Christians.
    On the Church of Christ, that’s the Bible Answer Man Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.


    For more information on this topic, please consult our Web site at http://www.equip.org; write to us at P. O. Box 8500, Charlotte, NC 28271-8500; or contact us using the other information listed above.

    We also recommend the statement “The Churches of Christ, the Christian Churches, the Disciples of Christ” (DC600), which addresses various beliefs within the Church of Christ, and the article “At What Price Success? The Boston (Church of Christ) Movement,” by James Bjornstad (DC615).

  25. Andrea, I have dealt with the CoC and find a good many of them to be extremist, indeed. Not all of then, but more then a few here in Appalachia. I would have to disagree with Hank’s take on the beginning of the CoC – they were formed by the Stone-Campbellite movement in the 1830’s as part of the restorationist movement, seeking to restore the New Testament Church.

    Their view on Baptism is the historical view on baptism, although many Protestants don’t believe it to be so.

  26. JL, have you actually read this blog? Any at all? Or did you just read ‘The Church of Jesus Christ’ and automatically assume Mormon? Honestly, reading comprehension is a good skill to master.

  27. All of the above arguing is good if you have Jesus Christ in your heart, mind, and soul.

    Otherwise it is empty semantics.

  28. Suppose, I believe that if you examine some of the other pages and comments, you will see where our discussion has carried us. We have to first start with Christ and then grow in grace.

    Besides, it is not so much arguing between some of us, but strenuous fellowship.

  29. What about Easter?

    There are book references, and I remember seeing these and other references when my step-father was a Christian minister back in the 1970s. Nearly all of the Christian festivals were originally pagan festivals that were adopted and Christianized by the early Church Fathers into “nicer” things so that the Christian converts could keep on doing their original festivals while looking like they were Christians. The early Church Fathers hated Jews so much that they purposely made these festivals to be as “counterpoints” to the Biblical feasts that the Jews celebrated and as proof that the Church was so much “better” than the Jews and the synagogues. It was also during this time that the Church began to kill Jews and other “non-believers”, which lasted for many centuries.


    “Easter is a word of Saxon origin, and imports a goddess of the Saxons, or rather, of the East, Estera, in honor of whom sacrifices being annually offered about the Passover time of the year (spring), the name became attached by association of ideas to the Christian festival of the resurrection, which happened at the time of the Passover …. So the present German word for Easter, Ostern, is referring to the same goddess, Estera or Ostera.”

    — Excerpted from Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature

    “Originally the spring festival in honor of the Teutonic goddess of light and spring known in Anglo-Saxon as Eastre. As early as the 8th century the name was transferred by the Anglo-Saxons to the Christian festival designed to celebrate the resurrection of Messiah. In A.V. (authorized Version) it occurs once (Acts 12:4), but is a mistranslation.”

    — Excerpted from The Westminster Dictionary of Bible


    ” The word Easter is of Anglo origin, and is supposed to be derived from
    Eostra, the goddess of love, or the Venus of the North in honor of whom a festival was celebrated by our pagan ancestors in the month of April.”

    — Excerpted from Barnes’ Notes


    “Although Easter is a Christian festival, it embodies traditions of an ancient time antedating the rise of Christianity. The origin of its name as lost in the dim past; some scholars believe it is probably derived from Eastre, Anglo-Saxon name of a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility, to whom was dedicated Eastre month, corresponding to April. Her festival was celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox, and traditions of the festival survive in the familiar Easter bunny, symbol of the fertile rabbit, and in the equally familiar colored Easter eggs originally painted with gay hues to represent the sunlight of spring.

    Such festivals, and the myths and legends which explain their origin, abounded in ancient religions. The Greek myth of the return of the earth-goddess Demeter from the underworld to the light of day, symbolizing the resurrection of life in the spring after the long hibernation of winter, had its counterpart, among many others, in the Latin legend of Ceres and Persephone…. The universality of such festivals and myths among ancient peoples has led some scholars to interpret the resurrection of Christ as a mystical and exalted variant of fertility myths.”

    — Excerpted from Funk and Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia, vol. 8, 1970


    PASCHA (Greek letters), mistranslated “Easter” in Acts 12:4, A.V., denotes the Passover (R.V.). The phrase “after the Passover” signifies after the whole festival was at an end. The term Easter is not of Christian origin. It is another form of Astarte, one of the titles of the Chaldean goddess, the queen of heaven. The festival of Pasch held by Christians in post-apostolic times was a continuation of the Jewish feast, but was not instituted by Christ, nor was it connected with Lent.

    From this Pasch the Pagan festival of Easter was quite distinct and was introduced into the apostate Western religion, as part of the attempt to adapt Pagan festivals to Christianity. See PASSOVER.

    — An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, W.E. Vine, 1966, pp.14-15


    See the image of the rabbit in the moon (a commonality to many cultures of a sacred animal to the moon deity, such as in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East)


    P. S. It should also be noted that the early Church Fathers also brought in the Mediterranean festivals of the fertility goddesses, such as Ishtar and Asthoreth, to coincide with the new Christian festival of Easter.


  30. I scanned all the comments and the article. The Truth is sorely lacking in all of these. God the Father, God the Son and God, the Holy Spirit are all one…hence, the Trinity. That is our God and Creator, whether we can understand the concept or not.

    It isn’t “my” church or “your church”. Christ intended only one and it is revealed in Scripture well enough that a 4th grader could understand it. Christ is the head of it and it was established in Acts 2. It is not a man-made organization. Christ died for it and purchased it with His own blood. It would be wise to study the Scriptures…instead of world history or commentaries.

  31. How is the average person out here supposed to have any hope of knowing all this? Is this the sort of knowledge you think people need? I just finished reading a fantastic story about a missionary. The Lord used her to bring hundreds of idol worshippers to Jesus. She wouldn’t meet your expectations in her knowledge of theology or history. She was too busy spreading the gospel.

  32. Farrah,

    My Sister In Christ, this is also a theological blog, and theology is the study of God. And sound biblical study of God is demanded of us…”Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman..etc.” (2 Tim.2:15) This also really should be the desire of the whole Church of God, to learn more and more the doctrine of God… to worship Him!

    “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To HIM be glory both now and forever. Amen.” (2 Pet.3:18)

    There are all levels and gifts of God. Keep enjoying those God opens and gives to you! Maybe sometime in the future you might see and enjoy more of those theological gifts and blessings that God has deeply stored in Himself!

    Father Robert (irishanglican)

  33. It did occur to me earlier today that maybe the Lord has a job for your knowledge that I’m unaware of, maybe if you are really His children you are there to help people I would never interact with. If that makes sense? At any rate, I think I understand what you’re saying. 🙂

  34. Polycarp – I just had to comment that you are cracking me up over here with some of your dialogue. “Strenuous fellowship” LOL! That’s great!

    Also, it sounds like we might agree on false Trinity doctrine as well. Isn’t is amazing how that is the biggest heresy to many (to not believe in the Trinity as 3 actual persons)?!? You’d think we were the antichrist the way some talk. 🙂

  35. Dear Borhters and Sisters in Christ,

    Greetings from Dubai…

    I am in trouble; I need a job somewhere or I need some money to pull on; so I need your prayer and
    further help.

    God bless.

    Mannil Mathai ABRAHAM

  36. I just found your blog, and I must say, it’s nice. Insightful, direct and Godly – all qualities I look for in a blog to not only read, but to link.

    Check out “The Writing on the Wall” and you will find some like-mindedness. Let me know if you are interested in linking? Thanks.


  37. Just a quick question. You state that you are not a Oneness Pentecostal linking to the UPCI, but the Church of Jesus Christ organization does adhere to the oneness doctrine. Stated here:

    So, I’m assuming that you are simply not part of the UPCI, but have similar doctrine.

    Your blog has a wealth of information. I came from a Trinitarian viewpoint until maybe five years ago when I came to a fuller revelation of who Jesus Christ was from the Scriptures.

    Congratulations on your blog being featured on the Anchorage Daily Newspaper also!

  38. Bro Joel, Not sure if you remember me. We met several years ago in Dyersburg. I have really enjoyed your blog. Lots of great information. Congrats to on the new baby.

    In Jesus Christ,
    Bro John Blankenship

  39. The God of Israel is the Holy One of Israel. There are no three persons, for the Father is an invisible Spirit, dwelling in the glorified form many call Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Yahshua,Yah-Is-Savior). The Holy Spirit is that portion of Himself that He shares out of Himself,into the members of His body, the church or “called out ones.” These have placed their old selves on the cross and died to self with Christ (Romans 6: 1-6), and through faith in the operation of God that raised up the man Christ from the dead, we by that same belief receive His Spirit, and thus receive a new heart and life. Praise God.

    There is no trinity; it is a heinous heresy heaved upon the masses by the enemy. I appreciate very much you standing firm, Polycarp, in the face of so many who need eyesalve to see this truth. God bless you richly… Wayneman

  40. Just a quick question. Why do you remain unknown, while you attempt to destroy people openly? Why not just attack vaguely, just as you remain with your identity? You’re doing nothing new, just the typical unbelieving Baptist C*** that’s been around way too long.

  41. Why would Christians be baptized in the Holy Spirit if the Holy Spirit was not God?
    AC 1:5 For John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT not many days hence.
    AC 1:8 But ye shall receive power, when the HOLY SPIRIT is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

    Why wouldn't Christians be Baptized just in Jesus or the Father if the Holy Spirit wasn't God?

  42. Don’t worry–I’ll not say a word! 😉 I grew up in Natchitoches, moved to New Orleans for seminary, now live in Forest Hill. Did any Louisiana stick to you when you vacated?

  43. Chinese crawfish–GAG! It’s funny you mentioned Zapp’s–I just finished off a bag earlier today. If there is a bright side, at least you can season your food! It’s the little things that count!

  44. Joel,
    I appreciate your blogsite. It has become clear to me why you disagree with some of my comments on homebrewed theology’s website.

    There is a book that you might enjoy regarding the Trinity. I am trinitarian in my view and so is the book. It is written by Dennis Kinlaw. It is entitled “Let’s start with Jesus, a new way of doing Theology” As a modalist you may enjoy interacting with the text.

    I appreciate the fact that you a Arminian theologically. I am also. I too agree that it is the “Church” as an entity is predestined.

    I am Wesleyan in my approach to theology. Are you familiar with Wesley’s approach to authority. His quadrilateral? If you draw a square and label each side. One side would be Scripture, the next would be Tradition, the next would be Reason, then the next would be Experience. The balance of these 4 approaches to authority is how Wesley saw truth.

    I believe that you would see some value to this approach. But if I am correct you minimize Tradition unless you can use it to support modalism.

    I saw where you are dedicating a section of your page to
    Marcellus of Ancrya. Do you go as far as to support has been interpreted as his universalist views? I was just curious.

    I am not here to attack your sits as some may be. While I disagree with some of your fundamentals, I appreciate what you are trying to do.

    1. Bill – I am not modalist. A modalist will destroy the Son – and if you destroy the Son, you have no Atonement.

      I am familiar with Wesley’s Quadrilateral. I am unsure as to how I would take ‘experience’ since that can lead us down some frightful paths.

      I use Tradition, yes, when it benefits me – but don’t we all? I use it to place my doctrinal views and to assure myself that what I believe is not ‘new’. Further, by examining Tradition, I have come to mold my views to the point where I understand the error of modalism, but I will stand instead with the 3rd century Bishop of Rome, and appreciate somewhat Tertullian.

      I note in other area (here and here) that Marcellus was not alone in espousing universalistic tendencies and it was not really a point of contention during the Fourth Century. It is my firm hope that some form of universalism exists.

      Bill, note that this is a rather old page, and I encourage you to explore more.

      Further, I don’t think you are attacking, whatsoever.

  45. People of truth will hear Jesus Christ Voice. I’m getting to the place where I’m tired of beating a dead horse. Once I endeavor to witness the Truth of; One God and Jesus is that God , Grace through Faith the Baptism-Water in the name of Jesus Christ and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit – speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance, in other words to see and enter the Kingdom of God, I’m finished.

    For one I do believe in the genuine humanity of God –Son and the Deity of Jesus- God. Just about everything in the Bible is somewhat of a “Paradox” and it ends with do you believe (Faith)? We are dealing with Spiritual and Natural understandings, we are dealing with finite and infinite subjects.

    Therefore I’m neither an Arminian nor a Calvinist but I believe in Predestination and Eternal Security. I am one of Jesus Christ sheep, I know his voice and I shall never perish and he chose me I did not choose him. Jesus Christ said that not John Calvin. But I don’t believe the explanation people give about People being predestined to go to Hell nor genuine saved born again people losing salvation. Therefore I believe there is, a natural and a Spiritual understanding of Predestination, one we may understand and the other not totally abled to get our minds around.

    I Identify with the Oneness Pentecostals but ultimately I’m a Worshipper and Follower of Jesus Christ he is my Lord and Savior, I’m an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus , Predestined to be conform to the image of God’s Son –Christ Jesus. I’m a son of God, a word of God spoken into the earth. God foreknew, predestined, called, justified and glorified me in Christ Jesus.

  46. Can you prove all that with Scripture, Jeffrey? I think that there are times when it comes down to the essentials, as Calvin says, and then there are other times that we can speculate on other things, such as election. I believe in election, but I don't think it concerns predestination.

  47. It is unwise in my view for people to believe that the True definitive Church stopped, changed or became Catholic etc.

    This summation is totally built on a Passage of Scripture

    Matthew 16:16-19
    After the revelation peter received from the Father that Jesus is the Son of the living GOD. Upon the Rock of Revelation about Jesus Christ, in which the Church was built upon-Built on Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ proceeded to say;


    If the Church ceased, changed etc. that would make Jesus Christ words untrue?

    But we know it never stopped, the true definitive Church of Jesus Christ was in the shadows.

    Not the main political religion perpetrating as the Church. Also what apostolic creeds? And development of Doctrines, there was already an established Apostles” Doctrine

    Acts 2:42

    Peter and Paul was on one accord Acts 2:38, 19:1-7

    God bless you

    In Christ Jesus

  48. I am constantly amazed by the tenor of conversations between theologians when they start trying to justify the establishment of church doctrine as biblical truth. It seems to me that we should be more concerned about just simply teaching the Bible. Teach the whole Bible with the teachings of Jesus Christ being paramount. This isn't the 16th century and most of us actually do have more than a third grade education. The Bible is not that difficult to understand so it would be most appropriate for all denominations to just throw out the dogmatic regulations and interpretations and bring us Christ.

  49. Thomas, I am amazed at your anti-intellectualism. I suspect you are your own standard of truth, knowing more than the very men who wrote the bible. Tell me, how do you define the Christ who says 'I Am' and the one who talks about his God? This is where Theology comes in. Or baptism? Or Communion? Or the biblical life? Or the very scriptures themselves?

  50. Well, as I said, I'm quite intrigued. I'm enjoying perusing your site. Coming from Reformed circles it is very refreshing to not have the WCF quoted at me every few minutes. I do believe Aristotelian Systematics and employing creeds as restraints rather than guides has in effect overthrown Sola Scriptura.

    I'm curious…….would you call yourself Sola Scriptura? would you reject some or all of the seven ecumenical councils…or as a Protestant the four? I noticed a positive affirmation of Sabellianism…which is interesting because Van Til and some of the big names in Reformed circles also were accused of that position.

    I'm just trying to get a general sense of where you're coming from. Please understand not being in the slightest bit judgmental…..Are you trying to stick with a pre-Cappadocian, pre-Athanasian type theology….simple and undeveloped (that's not necessarily a bad thing)?????

    I'm just trying to figure you out….somewhat (smile)

    Are you part of a church that's advocating the theology you have here or is this just you? Please don't take that the wrong way. I'm more or less incorporating many different perspectives and thus am in some ways quite alone.


    John A.

  51. I wouldn't give myself a positive affirmation of Sabellianism, of course, I would counter that the scholarship on Sabellius is really just beginning.

    I stop with the Councils and Creeds with Serdica/Sophia in the middle of the 4th century. I like the creed of 325 but detest the Creed of 381. I don't like the Cappadocians, but do like Athanasius, somewhat, especially once you separate him from the later creed attached to him via tradition.

    I view myself on a journey, John, and having to examine myself helps a great deal. Sola Scriptura… Yes and no. I recognize that tradition aids in interpretation, but I prefer to get back to the original meaning of the text. I view Scripture as inspired and containing everything we need for salvation. I like what you said about the Creeds as well. I don't believe in 'special' revelation or that Tradition is on the same level or above that of Scripture, only that it aids in our application and understanding of how previous believers have understood it.

    My previous church was oneness, but I am no longer with that congregation, due, in part, to my expanding understanding of that it takes to server God in Christ. I am trying myself to understand different perspectives.

  52. I have removed all content and un-subscribed from the following RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheChurchOfJesusChrist

    A simple: “Please do not re-post my content on your Blog.” would have been sufficient.

    I rip off nothing Joel and I do forgive you for saying so. I would suggest that you contact the Blog RSS Feed I subscribe to: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheChurchOfJesusChrist

    I also visited your site and saw the “share” icon at the bottom of your post, so how am I suppose to know what you want to share and what you want to keep private.

    Believe me Sir, I can easily do with-out your content. I am a follower of “The Great Commission” and if you are not then I suggest you secure your material better.

    May GOD bless those who seek to serve Him.

    1. Actually, I’ve left you several comments. You are stealing from my blog and others, and linking the author’s information, in this case, me, to your own blog. It is dishonest when you do so. You can continue to do so, but as I’ve already reported your attempts on all of your blogs to the search engines, listing you as a spammer, all it will do is to limit your blog from getting out.

  53. Hi Joel,
    I just applied and was admitted to United… now that you’ve been there a year, what do you think? Any wisdom to share with a newbie? especially re. gathering weeks??

    Pastor Kim Benson

  54. hi Joel, i was reading the comments on slaughter the sheep about Kim clement & there was no more comments allowed.ive been listening to Kims & many other prophets,many on Elijah list,and ive listened carefully esp. to Kims prophetic alerts, where they finds news & media sources to reveal the fulfillment of prophecies.of course there were assasination attempts throughout 2010 that one can google & if into research perhaps find the 3 things that would rise up. in 2008 a friend of mine on myspace had a dream & she saw Obama w/ his hands in a fire & he wascrying out to God for forgiveness.this makes sense that he will turn to the true christ. John paul Jackson is on youtube in his visions for 2012 said he saw a near fatal assasination attempt by muslim extremists that will be blamed on white supr. & warned the church to be in prayer as K. Clement also warns with many prophesies. to pray for Gods grace & peace because it could cause a revolt on the scale of the Rwandan massacre & that is because there is still deeply rooted racism & hate in the U.S.A. as in many nations.I do not believe that obama is the antichrist & i think you might find Kevin Clines teachings on who are the beast wounded in the head & the false prophet interesting when compared with what most prophecy teachers teach.. i believe that as many oh the Elijah list & other prophets are agreeing, incl. Kim Clement, that we are in a new season when a great outpouring of the spirit will increase & as Joel 2 & Acts all flesh will prophecy & sons & daughers will dream dreams & old men will see visions. i pray for more unity & understanding in the body as i see too much of the hand saying to the eye & the & the feet saying to the back you are not a member of the body. we are as divided as ancient Israel became after Solomons reign it seems and only GODS SPIRIT can bring unity as i see you clearly believe. God bless you Michael parks

  55. I happened upon your site, and immediately knew it looked familiar. About 3 yrs ago you reviewed the Strand Study Bible. You questioned Brad Strand concerning his boastful claims of 30+yrs research, etc., as well as some of his particular views concerning scripture. I am the person who was the conduit by which you received a reply from him. At the time, I would have been considered ‘head cheerleader’ of the SSB.
    Brad Strand is not a good man and should not be a pastor, or have anything to do with selling his brand of study bible. In 2010, he began pursuing me romantically, which went on for 5 mos. By the time he finished emotionally & spiritually manipulating me, I was close to a nervous breakdown. The church he pastors did absolutely NOTHING and he lied about everything he had done to my family, even when caught in his lies. He nearly destroyed my family and had absolutely zero remorse. I just thought you should know that. You were right to question him, and you were right about his pride & arrogance. I’m ashamed for having ever supported or defended his bible, which is laden with his pride & arrogance.

  56. Hi Polycarp.

    I was wondering if you were still working on your translation of Athanasius’s Expositio Fidei?

    I recently stumbled across it and find it a very interesting document with regard to the history of Athanasius’s doctrinal development.

  57. Hi there, I came across your site today while doing a little lunch reading. Lots of good stuff here. It also looks like you have a list of blogs on your site and are trying to bring people together, which is very cool. If you would like to check out http://www.ChristianEvolution.com you may enjoy it and consider adding it to your list. I look forward to seeing new posts here.

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